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Few things get truck owners more excited than special editions of their favorite trucks. Special editions are all about the extras that a car brand can give to consumers. Things like customizable technology, all things comfort and style, and more power under the hood are all on the table when it comes to special editions in a truck model’s lineup. And if you’ve got the budget for it, why not add it?

Ram’s fan-favorite special edition is the Ram 2500/3500 Laramie Longhorn edition. It has all of the power and capabilities of top-of-the-line Ram trucks, wrapped up in leather, decked out in chrome, with wood trim everywhere inside. It’s like a luxury edition truck, without technically being classified as luxury — although we’re not sure what else it could add that would make it so.

The Ram Longhorn special edition is all about the amenities

While the Ram Laramie Longhorn has an exciting exterior appearance, its interior is where it really shines brightly. Hand-wrapped leather covers the interior, accented with leather and authentic wood trim, giving it a warm and inviting atmosphere. Nickel accents on the instrument panel give it a more modern feel, as does the touchscreen control panel and alligator-skin-embossed center console.

The rest of the truck is really just a reiteration of Ram’s other heavy-duty trucks. It has slightly less towing capacity than the Laramie model, a smaller maximum payload than the Laramie and the Big Horn, and the same amount of horsepower as the rest of the lineup.

So with a price tag of over $58,000 for the 2019 model — almost $20,000 more than the Big Horn — you’re really only paying for all of the interior features.

Are all of its special features worth it?

If you’re looking for something truly next-level and exciting, then the Ram Longhorn special edition might actually be for you. All of the interior features are aimed at your ultimate comfort.

If you don’t plan to spend a lot of time on the road with this Ram, then the extra features would be a waste. You should be able to really get a lot of use out of the tech, as well as spend enough time to appreciate the look and feel of the luxury materials in order to make it worth the price tag.

For those who need their truck to be a work truck, the Longhorn isn’t the route to go. While it has a lot of power and towing capacity, can you imagine roughing up one of these beauties? We can’t.

Work trucks need to be able to be beaten up a little bit in the name of getting the job done, and the Longhorn is simply too nice for that. But if you only plan to utilize it as a work truck every now and then, the Longhorn would be a great option.

What do critics think of the Ram Longhorn?

J.D. Power rated the Laramie Longhorn very highly, stating they were especially impressed with all of the improved special features. They commented on the roomy rear seating area, noting that there was plenty of space to seat a family with room for storage as well.

Notable features that make your life easier while driving include being able to switch between adaptive and standard cruise control using easy buttons on the steering wheel instead of paging through a menu on the touchscreen, as well as a dashboard button controlling the lane assistance.

While the extra features of the Longhorn Special Edition may not be worth the money for everybody, no one can argue that this is a bad truck. The Longhorn is truly the cream of the Ram crop, and you won’t be sorry if you do end up purchasing one.