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Dodge keeps teasing the upcoming 2024 Charger EV with images of basically the same black and then Stryker Red Daytona SRT concept. Until now. Featured at the 2023 CES Show in Las Vegas was a new video showing what appears to be a more production-like Charger. Dodge is doing a lot of hyping for its first “performance” flagship, which we expect to be shown in Las Vegas in March. So, what does this latest vid tell us?

What does the “400” mean on the 2024 Charger front fender?

First of all, Dodge is doing a mad rush to convince the world that the EV revolution doesn’t mean the end of power and performance. To that end, it continues to tease and proclaim its EV intentions. The CES Show gave it another opportunity with a huge audience.

So, what do these images tell us? The first change from previous images shows a “400” badge on the front fenders. We’re assuming this represents a 400-volt power system. While impressive, the Charger will also have an 800-volt version with the “Banshee” moniker. 

 Charger EV
2024 Dodge Charger EV | Stellantis

No power numbers have been revealed for it, but we got a preview of the tweaked Banshee sound. At first, you hear the initial Banshee scream. Then, as the power goes down to “idle,” you hear “the same firing order as a Hemi V8, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskus told the press at the 2022 SEMA Show. 

Should that Banshee scream be more annoying than welcome, Direct Connection will offer customizable sound options. We already know of the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system sound. While gimmicky, plenty of buyers will have fun with it nonetheless. 

How many different power options with the 2024 Charger have?

Charger EV
2024 Dodge Charger EV | Stellantis

There will be seven power versions available starting with a 340 kW version with 456 hp and a 440 kW option with 590 hp. The “340” and “440” designations coincide with past cubic-inch displacement numbers. You may remember the 340 Challengers and 440 Six Pack models from the 1970s. We’ve also seen a jockeying of badge identifications including “Stage 2” on front fenders.

On March 20, Dodge plans its “Last Call” event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Its intent is meant as a send-off of its internal combustion Hemi-powered cars, the Last Call special-edition Chargers, and Challengers. Dodge will reveal the seventh Last Call version there. Rumors suggest it will run on E85 gas and produce over 900 hp, besting the Challenger SRT Demon’s 9.65 quarter mile times. 

Dodge fratzog | Stellantis

Electric Muscle Car: The New Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV Is a Banshee

But we expect there to be a production-ready 2024 Charger or two on hand. There will also be drag racing events to celebrate the automaker’s racing legacy. What better place to mark its reveal? After all, its next Kumbaya event won’t be until the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise Speed Week events in August, which is about the time production will start.