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An expensive car from a prestige automaker shouldn’t be on Consumer Reports’ 2023 Top 10 Most Unreliable list, but here it is. The Porsche Taycan arrived in 2019 with a wave of enthusiasm, ushering in Porsche’s EV gauntlet. But over the years, leading right up to now, it has shown to be less than what we expect from Stuttgart. When it was launched, some said it was too soon, but we’re now five years later and the problems persist.

What are the main Porsche Taycan problems?

Owners have a gang of complaints, mostly with the electrical systems in the Taycan. But another that pops up in forums is a sudden complete loss of power or going into limp mode. With the Taycan switching to limp, an appropriate turtle symbol pops up on the driver’s screen. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received two dozen complaints over random power loss in the last half of 2022. Many of these Taycan EVs had very few miles on them. Some reports say this happened when leaving the dealership after purchasing the EV. 

Have Porsche Taycan EVs been recalled?

2023 Porsche Taycan EV | Porsche

Of course, the fear of this happening while on interstates is a real concern. That, or being stuck in a sparsely populated area that may not have a Porsche dealership within 100 miles or more. Numerous complaints relate to being without their cars for over a month. Some have requested buybacks. 

In July 2021, over 10,000 Taycan EVs were recalled over software issues. Beyond the recall itself, another complaint is that Porsche has no ability to send out over-the-air updates. Dealerships must perform any software updates. Even the cheapest Tesla has the ability to receive OTA updates. 

Another complaint by owners is their Taycan sometimes won’t start. Software glitches are the most common focus. The same goes for the backup camera. There have been numerous complaints with the NHTSA over the rear camera not working. More complaints about the extreme fisheye distortion the camera has. 

What about Porsche Taycan updates?

2023 Porsche Taycan EV | Porsche

So far, there have been six PCM updates that cover issues ranging from starting issues when too hot or too cold, rough idle, stalling, and emissions failures. Porsche has issued a free comprehensive update for pre-2023 Taycan models that brings these older EVs up to 2023 software specifications. 

The Porsche Taycan’s problems with the collision avoidance system are also part of the update. And with cold winter weather at the start of 2023, numerous complaints complained about cabin heat issues. One owner referenced ice that formed inside his windows making the car undrivable. 

Do Taycan owners have specific complaints?

Porsche Taycan
2023 Porsche Taycan EV | Porsche

“The car experiences issue, after issue, including but not limited to collision alert warning not functioning, lane change assist failure, and the alarm sounding (disturbing the peace),” one complaint reads. “As Porsche fixes the issues one by one, other matters emerge. The latest is the antenna, and also communications.”

The Taycan is rated below average for reliability by J.D. Power. The comparable Audi E-Tron also scores low for reliability, while the Mercedes-Benz EQS received scores on the upper end of average (79/100).

Updated: 5/30/2023 for freshness.


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