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Boutique supercar manufacturers are starting to make a shift. Arguably, Rimac was among the first. It’s not as fashionable to make 16 or so million-dollar V12 speedmobiles anymore. Instead, fast(er) EVs are the new name of the game, especially for the producers of the Piech GT: Piech Automotive. It’s fast, it’s got the range, but the design is nothing new.

Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing by any means. The GT is stunning, yet familiar, borrowing heavily from Aston Martin design language to create a striking new EV grand touring sports car.

How much is the Piech GT?

A grey Piech GT shot from the front on an airfield at dusk
The Piech GT | Piech Automotive

The biggest question on everyone’s lips when a new EV rolls out is that of range. Remember how big a deal the Lucid Air’s range reveal was a few weeks back? Clearly, that question has been answered by the team a Piech Automotive. The GT will have a range of 311 miles, or 500km, verified by Europe’s WLPT range testing.

So, that’s one big question out of the way. The next is that of weight. Happily, as GQ UK reports, the Piech GT has gone to great lengths to keep the electric supercar weight issue to a minimum. The Zurich-based company is using pouch cell battery technology to help. They’re 40% lighter than the normal lithium-ion batteries found in a Tesla or other EV. But, we’re here to talk about something far more conventional: styling.

Clean lines brought to you by Aston Martin

The rear 3/4 of the Aston Martin DB9 shot in a studio
The 2005 Aston Martin DB9 | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

If you thought the Piech GT looked familiar, perhaps the image above will help. We’re going to start with the nose. While the large, slightly upturned grille isn’t quite Aston Martin, the resemblance is there. There’s also a little early Tesla Model S there. Things only look more like an Ian Callum (who penned a number of Astons) design as you look up the car’s perfectly formed fenders.

Those feature slits in the fenders are reminiscent of the E46 M3 and many Aston models, like the DB9 above. Moving around the back reveals the biggest Aston Martin DB9 similarity: the rear fenders and roofline. Compare the images above and below. On a screen, they’re nearly identical. Let’s hope Callum isn’t litigious. Finally, there’s those striking C-shaped taillights. They’re objectively gorgeous, and feel very “EV.” However, they also feel very Aston Martin.

Piech should sound very familiar

The rear 3/4 of the Piech Automotive Piech GT
The rear of the Piech GT is very Aston | Piech Automotive

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The design of this beautiful EV sports car isn’t the only thing that should sound familiar. Piech Automotive is the brainchild of Toni Piech, son of one of the biggest names in European autos: Ferdinand Piech. He ran the Volkswagen Group for decades and oversaw big VW moves like the acquisition of Lamborghini, and the building of the Bugatti Veyron. Hard information is scarce right now, but we expect this stunning EV to end up in customers’ hands in 2024.