Aston Martin Vanquish Re-Released by Ian Callum

Ian Callum is synonymous with Jaguar, having been there for more than 20 years which included a stint as their chief designer. His more recent designs for Jag include the all-electric I-Pace, XF, and F-Type; along with numerous concepts. Interestingly, his younger brother Moray is vice-president of design for Ford, so design is definitely running through their genes.

Callum recently retired, but designers need to design, and so he started Ian Callum Design. One of his hopes was to take in some of his former designs and do limited-edition versions where he could tweak their design and upgrade them with his 2019 hindsight. 

The first car that gets the ball rolling is the Aston Martin Vanquish, a car he designed that was built while a designer there during Ford’s ownership of the brand from 2001 to 2007. The reworked cars will be called “Aston Martin Vanquish 25” with a limited run of 25 cars. Originally a bit over 2,500 Vanquish coupes were built.

Vanquish 25 Get’s 100 Detail Changes

We’re sure if you own a Vanquish, or at least admire the design, you won’t want to see too much changed and that’s how Callum seems to have handled the Vanquish 25. With more than 100 detail changes to the original, it still looks all of what a Vanquish should look like. 

The grille and side inlets are the main changes seen at the front. A new lower grille has been added, with sharper edges, four high-intensity LED headlights and the carbon fiber vents replacing the original fog lamps.

A lot of the original car’s smaller stamped bits have been replaced with carbon fiber like the grille bars, window surrounds, hood vents, and fender vent strakes. The lower sills are also carbon fiber and have a design-line tying them into the rear fenders.

Large Diffuser Highlights Rear

At the rear, a large diffuser with integrated exhaust pipes is an obvious change. It is embedded into the new soft rear bumper. New taillamps complete the rear. Also, the side-mirrors have been replaced with Callum-designed units that integrate the turn signal lights.

Inside, the slightly dated interior gets a major upgrade by Callum. The console is completely redesigned with a carbon fiber control panel containing new switches flanked with aluminum surrounds. The control panel features a display touchscreen incorporating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Aluminum dials tie in nicely with the aluminum surround. That clock is actually a removable Bremont pocket watch. The gauge cluster is also by Bremont.

A completely new steering wheel is now thinner than the original with redesigned paddle shifters. Newly designed seats are covered in Bridge of Weir leather as is the rest of the cabin. An abstract Scottish pattern is seen on all of the leather including the carbon fiber hood vents. Callum is Scottish.

V12 Gets 580 HP

The 5.9-liter V12 gets a tune as well as a new carbon fiber air-box, and new exhaust. Power is increased from 460 hp for the standard Vanquish and 520 hp for an S to 580 hp. Front and rear track are widened and tweaked dampers with new springs, larger front, and rear anti-roll bars, and better bearings in the rack improve handling. Overall ride height is lowered by 10 mm. Carbon-ceramic rotors sit behind new 20-inch wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot tires.

Transmissions offered include the original six-speed Speedshift automatic, a GM torque-converter automatic, and a six-speed manual from Aston Martin Works.

Price Includes Donor

The price is $663,600 which includes the donor Vanquish. Each donor is completely blown apart before the meticulous rebuilding process begins. They will be sold through R-Reforged which is owned and operated by AF Racing.