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One of the main benefits of a truck is the versatility of the bed and interior space. Depending on the pickup truck, some might not have as much covered storage as others. The truck can be too large to keep everything within reach in a few cases. Have no fear; check out these truck cab storage solutions for various vehicles.

An under-seat storage system for your pickup truck is a space saver

Truck cab storage solutions for every pickup truck
A man drives his pickup truck down the highway | Denver Post via Getty Images

AutoWeek has some good suggestions for under-seat storage systems. This one by WeatherTech is under $170 and is custom-made to fit every year, make, and model of truck. Made in the USA from thermoplastic elastomer, the system is resistant to cracks and should last for a long time. Installation is easy on the WeatherTech Underseat Storage System, too. Find it at Amazon or RealTruck.

Price: $170 at RealTruck

If you are looking for a center console organizer, check out this one from Pilot Automotive. For $175 on Amazon, this is a heavy-duty center console organizer for your truck. It has a ton of space inside while also offering two adjustable cupholders. When you open the lid, you can write on it too! While some trucks come with an acceptable center console, not all do. This is a good item for those pickup trucks.

Price: $175 at Amazon

Tuffy Security has an Under-Seat Lockbox for the F-150. This one, in particular, fits the 2015 and up Ford F150 Super Crew and 2017-up Ford Super Duty trucks. For those who carry around valuable tools and other items regularly, having a hidden and locked compartment is essential. This one is specific to the Ford trucks, but other brands make more universal options for similar trucks.

Price: $392.95 at Walmart

Keep your pickup truck safe and organized with these truck cab storage solutions

A front seat organizer is optimal for those who travel to work sites a lot. It can hold and organize various items like pens, computers, notebooks, and iPads. It also has room for binders, tools, keys, and sunglasses. You can take this out of the truck and carry it around if necessary. It can be hard to keep everything within arm’s reach with larger vehicles. This is the perfect accessory for those wide trucks.

Price: $37 at Amazon

Depending on what you carry around regularly and where you live, a locking console safe might be a good idea. This Tuffy console safe from RealTruck is made out of 16 gauge steel. It has a pry-guard locking system and 1/8″ thick welded steel components. Plus, a lid support feature keeps the lid open when you need it to. This one requires no drilling, only hand tools, to install it into the pickup truck. Depending on the size of the truck, it can fit in a few places.

Price: $144.00 – $224.00 on RealTruck

More storage ideas, including a locking gun case for behind the seat and some DIY ideas

Another under-seat option for the pickup truck is the SAMDEW under-seat storage bag for super crew cabs and regular crew cabs. Thanks to the handles, this one slides under the back seat and comes out with ease. You can really store anything in the compartments: clothing, baby items, tools, or emergency supplies. These come in two sizes that will fit most crew and super crew pickup truck backseats.

Price: $92 on Amazon

An interior lockable storage lockbox or gun case is a good option for hunters. This gets installed right under the seat in a safe place that won’t take up too much room (but it could prevent the seat from reclining all the way). The lockbox/gun case has a fully integrated keyed lock, so someone can’t open it if your truck key is lying around. It comes with internal mounting hardware to keep it locked to the seat, too. Each one is make and model specific.

Price: $340 on Amazon

Depending on how crafty you are, there are also some cool do-it-yourself ideas on YouTube and truck forums. These solutions are pretty simple to install for those of us without the do-it-yourself gene. Even if the pickup truck doesn’t come with a lot of storage, these truck cab storage solutions should help get you organized.