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There is a strange Ford F-150 trend happening right now. While the Ford F-150 has been a popular truck to steal, people typically take the entire truck. However, thieves are targeting F-150 taillights and other necessary features. 

Thieves are stealing Ford F-150 taillights

The 2023 Ford F-150 parked near a barn
2023 Ford F-150 | Ford

For some reason, it seems like Ford F-150 taillights would be an unusual target among thieves. However, this is reportedly an emerging trend. Just over Easter weekend, three reports of taillight theft were reported in Hays County, Texas. 

This isn’t exactly new. Taillights have been disappearing from Ford trucks for about a year. Houston seems to be a significant target. Also, thieves are getting the process down to about 30 seconds. 

David McCarver is the owner of a Ford F-250 that was targeted by thieves. His truck was parked near another vehicle, and both had their taillights stolen. 

He shared that, at first, it seemed like no big deal. But it’s as frustrating as you can imagine. He didn’t think replacing the taillights would be expensive. 

However, after researching the matter and talking to the parts department at a local Ford dealership, he learned that it costs $1,083 per taillight. 

How are people stealing Ford truck taillights? 

Stealing Ford F-150 taillights has become a relatively quick and easy process. Thieves cut the wiring to remove the taillights and may cause damage during the process. 

It only takes thieves about 30 seconds to remove some taillights with a cordless drill. However, modern units require a little more time and work to remove. 

There are plenty of videos and images online that explain how to remove and replace the taillights. This could help you replace them on your own if needed. But it could also help the thieves learn how to get better. 

Because the Ford F-150 is the most popular truck, it has valuable parts. The tailgates, lights, catalytic converters, and more are popular items to sell. Tires are another popular item to target.

The F-150 is actually the most popular truck to steal. About 44,014 Ford trucks were stolen in 2020. The Chevy Silverado came in second place as the most stolen vehicle, with 40,968 reports of theft. In 2022, the Silverado was stolen more than the F-150.

Trucks are increasingly popular to target because of their popularity. As product shortages and delays limit inventory, truck prices are increasing and so are popular accessories.

How to prevent your F-150 from being stolen 

2022 Ford F-150 pickup truck on a gravel road
2022 Ford F-150 | Ford

According to Ford Authority, police members have provided a few valuable tips on how to prevent your Ford F-150 from being targeted. 

Never leave your keys in your truck, always lock the doors, and park in well-lit areas. Having a warning device like an alarm or immobilizer can help too. 

An immobilizer with a kill switch, fuse cutoff, or wireless ignition authentication can deter thieves. Plus, a tracking device can help police recover your truck if it’s stolen. Also, install a security camera where you usually park. 

To protect the taillights, in particular, it can be beneficial to back up against a structure. Locking the tailgate and purchasing security screws to make it more difficult to steal your tail lights may help as well. 

We will keep our eyes on this story as it develops. Hopefully, Ford will figure out a way to beef up security!