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There’s already a lift kit available for the Tesla Cybertruck. It’s an aftermarket accessory with a hefty price tag. But the Tesla Cybertruck lift kit doesn’t make much sense and we’re not sure if it voids the warranty. 

How much is the Tesla Cybertruck lift kit? 

The Tesla Cybertruck trying to go off-roading
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

You can get an after-market Tesla Cybertruck lift kit for $9,995. The UP INVINCIBLE lift kit by Unplugged Performance is already on backorder so some owners may have already jumped on it. 

But the installation isn’t included in the price. Having a lift kit installed on trucks and SUVs can cost between $800 to $12,000 based on how long it takes and how many technicians are required to complete the job. There are no labor estimates included. 

Plus, you need to find an authorized installer of Unplugged Performance equipment to complete the job. Hopefully, there’s a location close to your area or expect to travel. We’re assuming that the shops are also Tesla-approved. 

The 2.5-inch lift kit provides the Cybertruck with extra ground clearance. But the Cybertruck has an adjustable air suspension. 

The minimum ground clearance is 8.0 inches, and it can raise the ground clearance to 17.44 inches. So, with the lift kit, you’ll be between 10.5 and 19.5 inches. 

In most off-roading scenarios, 17.5 inches of ground clearance is plenty. Plus, the extra weight of the lift kit may reduce the Cybetruck’s range and performance. The 8.0-inch ground clearance makes it more aerodynamic and sportier to drive. 

The kit includes 26 pieces with heavy-duty 5-axis CnC 6061 billet machined suspension components, uprated bushings, and joints. 

Most pieces have a billet aluminum construction, and the lift kit doesn’t compromise the suspension geometry without topping the air shocks. It allows for the correct camber, caster, and toe alignments. 

The benefits of the lift kit include allowing you to equip the Cybertruck with larger tires and improve the approach, departure, and breakover angles. 

What’s included with the Cybertruck warranty? 

The Tesla Cybertruck warranty isn’t exactly clear. The Cybetruck isn’t listed on the Tesla warranty page. But on the Cybertruck page, the Basic Vehicle Warranty and Battery & Drive Unit coverages are listed. 

Under the Basic Vehicle Warranty, the Cybertruck is protected for the first four years or 50,000 miles of ownership. The Battery and Drive Unit are covered for eight years or 150,000 miles. 

If the Unplugged Performance warranty is approved by Tesla, then it might not void the warranty. It’s unclear if it’s approved. 

Sometimes, aftermarket lift kits don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty, but they may need to be installed by an approved mechanic. 

But your coverage can be denied if the manufacturer believes that the lift kit was involved with misuse of the vehicle or contributed to failing parts or equipment. 

So, the Cybertruck lift kit seems risky at the moment, but perhaps more information about the warranty will be released to answer more questions.