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Genesis may be one of the newest luxury brands on the market, but in just a few short years, the smallest Genesis is gaining traction. Now, owners are reporting that the Genesis G70 is one of the most reliable luxury cars as well. Together, this makes the G70 an excellent contender in the varied sport luxury sedan category.

The 2022 Genesis G70, one of the most reliable luxury cars
2022 Genesis G70 | Genesis

Owners give the G70 high marks for reliability

In a study measuring owner satisfaction, the Genesis G70 scores high marks in nearly every category. In a J.D. Power survey, the baby Genesis earned an overall score of 80/100, making it one of the best luxury cars for overall owner happiness. Even better, the G70 earned 87/100 points for reliability and quality, putting it at the top of the luxury car class.

The Genesis G70 costs less than $600 per year in maintenance

In addition to being one of the most reliable luxury cars, the Genesis G70 also costs less than $600 per year to maintain, according to RepairPal. With an average cost of just $565 annually, the G70 is less stressful to own than many other luxury cars on the market today. In addition, the average rate of unexpected repairs is about once every two years.

That’s 25% better than the average for a luxury sedan, so you’ll spend less time at the shop and more time enjoying your luxury car with a G70.

The G70 is one of the least-recalled luxury cars

Genesis G70 with the reliable 3.3-liter turbocharged engine
3.3-liter turbocharged V6 in the Genesis G70 | Genesis

Taking things a step further, the Genesis G70 hasn’t had a major recall in nearly two years. Better yet, that recall didn’t affect the drivability or reliability of the compact Genesis in any way. However, the issue could be a dangerous one in an accident. The seatbelt pretensioners could explode in a crash, causing injury.

That said, with just one recall in the past three years and none since 2021, the G70 is the least recalled luxury car out there.

Commonly reported problems

Genesis G70 interior
Genesis G70 interior | Genesis

While none of the newest G70 models report many issues, some of the older models have a few things to look out for

Some 2019-2021 G70 owners report issues with anti-lock brakes that can cause a check engine light on the dash. It isn’t an immediate cause for concern, however the malfunction was serious enough to warrant a NHTSA recall.

Other issues include transmission malfunctions, fuel pump blockages due to a manufacturing defect, and problems with the auto start/stop function.

However, since the model’s refresh in 2022, the Genesis G70 is one of the most reliable luxury cars, with no recalls or bulletins.

Overall the Genesis G70 is a reliable luxury car

For the newest Genesis G70 models, reliability doesn’t seem to be a question. Considering the brand’s excellent 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty, it is one of the easiest luxury cars to jump into. Overall, luxury cars not being reliable is an overstated myth, but with the G70 there is even more peace of mind.

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