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The new Chevrolet Colorado is rocking advanced and modern tech. It’s exciting to see this truck enter the 21st century as a serious Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger rival. However, sometimes new tech causes problems, and 2023 Chevy Colorado trucks keep getting their batteries drained. 

Why are 2023 Chevy Colorado batteries being drained? 

2023 Chevy Colorado parked near a home
2023 Chevy Colorado | Chevrolet

The 2023 Chevy Colorado is capable of accepting and downloading over-the-air updates to correct various issues with the infotainment system, powertrain, other software, and firmware. 

This is pretty convenient because it means that you may not have to go into your local dealership to update your apps, interface, or potential recall issues related to the software or firmware. 

However, Chevrolet released the first update for the 2023 Colorado recently, and something is going wrong. Reportedly, the update leaves the infotainment system on, draining the battery until it’s dead. 

A few owners have reported coming out to find that their Colorado trucks won’t start. One driver experienced this problem twice right after replacing their truck battery. 

The issue could be related to a failed software update that causes the infotainment system to get stuck in recovery mode. It may also download correctly and cause the truck to continue looking for another update. Either way, the batteries get drained. 

This problem first started to appear in July, but as of September, there are still new reports of draining batteries and the failure to crank up. Also, the issue could be unrelated to OTA software updates.

How to stop your Colorado batteries from getting drained 

If you have a 2023 Chevy Colorado that can accept over-the-air updates, then don’t worry. You can adjust the settings in your truck to prevent updates from draining your batteries. 

Go to the settings under the infotainment system menu and turn off the “download updates in the background” and “download updates via Wi-Fi when available.” This stops the update from occurring and zapping your batteries dry. 

However, it’s unclear if adjusting these settings will prevent other updates from occurring. Also, General Motors hasn’t released what this update is for. It’s unclear if it fixes a crucial issue or only updates visual layouts. 

Adjusting these settings seems to be a temporary fix as GM looks into the bigger picture. It’s unclear which makes and models are impacted by this software issue. It’s not related to specific build dates, either. 

A General Motors representative mentioned that they are looking into this problem but didn’t share any information about it. 

You can take your truck to a dealership for updates if needed. This will prevent you from dealing with a dead battery at home.

Does the 2023 Colorado have good tech?

2023 Chevy Colorado interior
2023 Chevy Colorado interior | Chevrolet

Yes, the tech in the 2023 Chevy Colorado is great. Each model comes with a standard 11.3-inch infotainment system and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The screen is vibrant with attractive graphics, and the system works quickly. 

We’re impressed by the voice recognition software that’s powered by Google. Voice commands are understood with fast results. It can control your navigation, music, heated/ventilated seats, etc. 

Also, the camera views have a wide field of view with a crips resolution. You can opt for available views under the truck and around the sides. There’s even a trailer hitch view. 

Some aspects are a little odd. For example, the only way to adjust the headlight settings is through the infotainment screen. However, the system is intuitive and easy to customize. 

This software update that’s draining batteries feels like a small hiccup overall. The Colorado has had an excellent debut so far, with modern amenities to brag about. Stay tuned for updates about potential software and battery problems.