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John Deere is one of the most well-known brands, not only for tractors and mowers but also just in general. Everyone knows the green square with the yellow deer. It turns out that there is a good reason for that brand recognition: out of 2022’s best zero-turn lawn mowers, the brand provides most of them, but there’s a catch. 

A green and yellow John Deere logo on a John Deere zero-turn lawn mower.
John Deere logo | Getty Images

Who makes the best zero-turn lawn mower? 

Despite John Deere having the most top-ranked zero-turn mowers, some experts believe there’s actually one better. Regardless, a few of the best mowers from John Deere include the following:

  • John Deere Z515E
  • John Deere Z375R-54
  • John Deere Z355E
  • John Deere Z315E

This is an uncommon level of domination. However, one brand you may have seen putting down lines on a commercial level is now making its way into garages throughout American neighborhoods. It’s Gravely with its ZT HD 48.

What makes the Gravely mower so good? 

The Gravely ZT HD 48 991152 Zero-Turn lawn Mower on a white background
Gravely ZT HD 48 Zero-Turn Mower | Gravely

The Gravely ZT HD 48 has rave reviews regarding its predicted reliability. Main aspects like side discharging, mulching, cutting evenness, and handling were given five-star reviews by Gravely owners.

Whereas John Deere offers its impressive M44 Extended Life Series (ELS) V-twin in a few varying degrees of horsepower—usually 18-25—the Gravely ZT HD 48 has a selection of powerplants. Potential buyers can have either a Kawasaki (Model #991268) or Kohler (Model #991274). Yet, each will provide the speed to cut 3.8 acres per hour.

Engine Engine displacementDrive systemFuel capacityForward/Reverse ground speedWeightLength Cutting width
Kawasaki FR691V or Kohler KT740726cc or 725 ccHydro-Gear ZT-3100 Transaxles5.1 gal.8 mph/4 mph802 lbs w/ Kawasaki engine or 796 lbs w/ Kohler engine79 in.48 in.

Homeowners will find Kohler motors in plenty of lawncare equipment, big and small, from other popular brands such as Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, and Dixon. Subsequently, Kohler engines have a wide range of support services. Alternatively, Kawasaki engines may need more expensive maintenance, but they tend to price better with year-over-year consistent quality.

Are there any electric zero-turn lawn mowers worth owning? 

Annual ratings typically don’t rank electric-powered lawn mowers very high, at least outside of the traditional push style. The unfortunate curse of electric lawn equipment is the lack of run time. Range anxiety held electric cars and trucks back for nearly a decade. Only now are ranges growing long enough to calm some of the anxiety.

However, when it comes to electric lawn equipment, the range or run time hasn’t made all the same advancements. Zero-turn mowers specifically, because they are generally reserved for bigger properties requiring much longer run times. For this reason, most zero-turn mowers are gasoline-powered. Some mowers even come with diesel or propane engines. 

 There is no doubt that electric lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment will round that corner soon. Not only are they better for our environment, but they typically require less maintenance, and they run quieter. For the time being, John Deere is certainly a dominant force in the zero-turn lawn mower game. But Gravely will enjoy its designation as the manufacturer of the best z-turn.


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