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Nissan sedans are a dying breed; the Japanese car marque discontinued the midsize Maxima, barring an electrified reboot in 2025. However, the Nissan Altima remains for 2024 and, with it, a library of used car model years. Still, even with staying power, the Altima can’t quite compete with competition from Honda and Toyota in the used sedan market. 

A white 2023 Nissan Altima passenger car shows off its front-end styling.
A 2023 Nissan Altima | Nissan

Passenger cars make up less of the overall used car sales landscape than other segments like SUVs and pickup trucks. However, even with the decreased share of the total market, a handful of preowned Japanese passenger cars top the sedan segment.

The Nissan Altima, the marque’s last remaining gas-powered sedan, took the No. 4 spot among the top five used passenger cars, per the latest iSeeCars data. At 1.4% of one-to-five-year-old vehicle sales, the Altima ranked above the Honda Accord yet just below the ever-popular Toyota Corolla. 

Sedan model% of used vehicle sales (2023)% of used sedan sales (2023)
Toyota Camry1.8%6.1%
Honda Civic1.7%5.8%
Toyota Corolla1.5%5.3%
Nissan Altima1.4%4.6%
Honda Accord1.3%4.6%

The Toyota Camry and Honda Civic took the No.1 and No. 2 spots in the passenger car segment, respectively. Toyota’s flagship midsize car, the Camry made up 6.1% of the used passenger car market and 1.8% of used vehicle sales overall. As a result, the top five one-to-five-year-old used sedans on the market are two Toyotas, two Hondas, and a solitary Nissan.  

Unsurprisingly, pickup trucks and SUVs topped the overall list of popular used vehicles. Specifically, the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado took 3.3% and 2.6% of one-to-five-year-old used vehicle sales. Mind you, that’s 3.3% of all domestic used car sales, regardless of vehicle type, make, and model. 

The Altima lost some of its used car market share from 2022 to 2023

Despite earning a spot in the top five used passenger cars, the Nissan Altima lost 0.2% of its market share from 2022 to 2023. That might not seem like much, but it’s enough to move the Altima down from last year’s No. 3 spot to the No. 4 in 2023.

Source: iSeeCars data