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The redesigned Toyota Tacoma debuts soon with next-level capability and styling that lights up the streets. From its high-strength steel, boxed ladder frame to its chiseled, muscular bodywork, the new 2024 Tacoma is an upgrade in every way. And an available i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain sets new standards for power and efficiency. It’s a truly innovative ride.

But the i-FORCE MAX setup isn’t available on every Toyota Tacoma. While it comes standard on upper-level trims, it’s either optional or unavailable on other models. Let’s take a closer look at the i-FORCE MAX hybrid system, and which Tacoma version it’s available on.

The Toyota i-FORCE MAX hybrid system: design and specs

While the term “hybrid” gets used a lot in the automotive industry, it’s not a one-size-fits-all definition. Various hybrid setups use different configurations, with electric motors positioned in multiple locations. While many designs focus on fuel economy, the Toyota i-FORCE MAX hybrid system brings another element: capability. Here’s how it’s different.

Toyota originally designed i-FORCE MAX for the new generation Tundra pickup. The company recognized truck buyers wanted both efficiency and performance, and it aimed to surpass those expectations. The result was an all-new configuration.

Traditional hybrids alternate between an ICE and an electric motor(s), in the name of saving fuel and increasing range. But truck buyers need stout horsepower and torque to handle tough tasks. To that end, i-FORCE MAX uses a combustion engine and an electric motor in tandem, to produce even greater power, along with superb fuel economy. The setup positions the electric motor between the engine and transmission, for seamless torque in challenging conditions.

On the new Tacoma, i-FORCE MAX combines a turbo 2.4-liter four, a transmission-mounted electric motor, and a NiMH battery pack. The result is 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque, making it the strongest Tacoma powertrain yet. Routed through an 8-speed automatic transmission, the hybrid setup also promises excellent fuel economy. Current rumors suggest around 27 mpg combined.

2024 Toyota Tacoma: which models feature i-FORCE MAX?

No matter the trim, the new Tacoma is a sweet ride. But for buyers interested in the latest and greatest, the i-FORCE MAX hybrid may be essential. Here are the trims that feature the hybrid setup, and those that have a traditional powerplant.

2024 Toyota Tacoma trims consist of the following (specs via MotorTrend)

• SR (turbo 2.4-liter four standard)

• SR5 (turbo 2.4-liter four standard)

• PreRunner (turbo 2.4-liter four standard)

• TRD Sport (turbo 2.4-liter four standard or optional i-FORCE MAX hybrid)

• TRD Off-Road (turbo 2.4-liter four standard or optional i-FORCE MAX hybrid)

• Limited (turbo 2.4-liter four standard or optional i-FORCE MAX hybrid)

• Trailhunter (standard i-FORCE MAX hybrid)

• TRD Pro (standard i-FORCE MAX hybrid)

Unfortunately, lower trims aren’t available with i-FORCE MAX. Some customers might not like that. But still, Toyota’s 2.4-liter turbo four has plenty of power, producing 228 hp on the SR and 278 hp on higher-end models. And gas mileage should be solid.

On the other hand, only making i-FORCE MAX available on high-end trims gives it additional cachet, and is a smart business move by the company. Having the setup standard on the Trailhunter and TRD Pro increases the unique appeal of each model. And with hybrid-focused buyers having to pony up, Toyota stands to profit.

As of now, Toyota hasn’t released pricing for the i-FORCE MAX powertrain. But in our opinion, its performance and efficiency should make it worth the cost.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma with i-FORCE MAX sets a new standard for midsize truck power and efficiency. From its innovative design to its abundant torque, the hybrid setup is both high-tech and capable. While low-end trims aren’t available with the system, top-of-the-line models have it standard, for even more exclusivity. But no matter the powertrain, 2024 Tacoma buyers are in for a treat.


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