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Some car brands, like Lexus and Honda, have a great public image, while others don’t. Automakers, like any other company, can try to change their brand image, and one way to do that is by introducing a new logo. That’s exactly what Nissan did recently, but people haven’t forgotten about Nissan’s issues.

The new Nissan logo

Recently, Nissan unveiled its brand-new logo, and it looks pretty good. Overall, not much has changed from the past logo, as it’s still a circle with the word “Nissan” in the middle.

That said, customers seem to be very receptive of this new logo. This might be because this new logo also comes with a description that said that Nissan may be changing things up in the future. 

In the description of the video on YouTube, Nissan wrote, “We embark upon a new day for Nissan. Move Beyond.” One person commented in response to that, “It’s now or never Nissan. Don’t mess it up.” 

There was a similar sentiment on Reddit. One user posted, “Honestly looks really good, now they just have to make a car worth putting the badge on.” This was a recurring theme among the comments about this new logo.

One user made fun of Nissan by mocking the fact that, while this new logo shows that Nissan is trying to change things, many Nissan models have remained the same for years. 

The stagnant Nissan

Like one user wrote, “I wonder what happened for them to go so stagnant for so long. Almost every single car has only had minor refresh since 2005.” While this isn’t totally true for every Nissan car, it is true for the Nissan Frontier, which is one of the trucks that Nissan offers. The Frontier is notorious for being an anti-luxury truck that simply doesn’t get many updates or new features. 

The Frontier has been largely unchanged since 2004, and this has its pros and cons. While some customers seem to like that aspect of Nissan and the Frontier, it’s clearly not for everyone.

This trend of not updating cars much doesn’t apply to every Nissan car, but it also applies to certain things in Nissan’s cars. 

For example, other users absolutely hate Nissan’s CVT. One user wrote, “They’ve spent more money on this video than they did on developing their CVT.” While it’s an obvious exaggeration, it’s true that Nissan’s CVTs have had a lot of issues in the past.

Many Nissan models, such as the Sentra, the Versa, and the Altima, have a long history of CVT issues in the past. These issues, unfortunately, usually end up costing owners a lot of money, too.

Will Nissan change enough?

Many people don’t like how stagnant Nissan has been as a brand, and Nissan may have heard those complaints loud and clear. The Frontier is finally getting a major redesign, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nissan has also made big changes to many of its other models, such as the Titan. That said, time will tell whether or not those changes will be enough for Nissan to stay competitive.

One user pointed out that the reason why Nissan has stayed stagnant has been because its tech just hasn’t kept up with its competitors. This means that if Nissan is serious about making a bold step forward, then it’ll have to start with improving and updating the tech that’s inside its cars. 

This is obviously easier said than done. But, as the Nissan LEAF showed, Nissan isn’t completely behind on the times. It’s clear that Nissan wants to change, and it’s also clear that it’s capable of it. Right now, it’s just a matter of actually doing it.


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