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Even though luxury cars are expensive, there’s still a lot of variety in how many luxury brands there are and all the different luxury cars that they offer. But among all these different luxury brands, one brand has the best brand image of them all. That brand is Lexus, and here’s why.

How Lexus won it 

Luxury cars are a very competitive segment in the auto industry, as each automaker is trying to impress the minority of people who can actually afford to buy a luxury car. As a result, brand image plays a big part in why people choose to buy a luxury car or not. Some people will buy a luxury car just because it’s such a cool car that they think it’ll make them look cool driving one.

And in the luxury cars segment, it’s a tough contest, too. Many luxury brands have a great image for one reason or another. For example, Tesla has a massive following of EV lovers and high-tech car lovers. But, when you add up all the different ways that a car brand’s image can be determined, Lexus just had a better one, according to Kelley Blue Book. 

The reason why Lexus won was because it focused heavily on making cars that its customers want. The company focused very heavily on caring for its customers, and it has even shown that by putting more “emotion” into the performance and design of its cars, according to Kelley Blue Book.

The proof is in the pudding 

This customer-first approach is apparent in many aspects of how Lexus does business. For example, many people hate dealing with car dealerships, so Lexus stepped up and created Lexus Plus, which is a program that solves a lot of the problems that people have with going to car dealerships.

On top of that, Lexus has created cars that it knows its customers want. Lexus, which is the luxury spinoff company of Toyota, knows that many of its customers are also Toyota customers. Toyota customers typically expect an extremely safe and reliable car, and that’s exactly what Lexus does with its cars. 

But in addition to those things, Lexus adds a luxurious twist to what Toyota customers expect from their cars. Lexus makes cars with great fuel economies, fancy interiors, and tons of smart technology, all while maintaining the high degree of safety and reliability that Toyota customers are shopping for. 

This is not to say that other automakers aren’t putting their customers first, however. But it is to say that given the track record that Lexus has, it’s not surprising that Kelley Blue Book rewarded Lexus with its brand image award. 

The current Lexus lineup 

For 2020, Kelley Blue Book says that Lexus has 11 different models that it’s offering customers. These models are sedans and SUVs, though Lexus has recently premiered the LM, which is its luxury minivan, according to Autoblog. It’s not clear when the LM will be available for American customers, however. 

Regardless, among the 11 different Lexus cars that are available, there’s plenty of variety. Lexus offers many trims and options as well, which means that some of its cars will be more affordable than others. A lot of those options will boost the car up a notch, too. 

For example, Lexus recently debuted the UX, which is a luxury crossover SUV. The UX can be equipped with a hybrid engine, and if it is, it gives it one of the best fuel economies in its class. The UX is also a relatively affordable SUV as far as luxury SUVs go. The standard UX only costs $32,000, while the hybrid version costs just $2,000 more. 


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