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certified pre-owned model. Normally that recognition is reserved for models from a specific automaker. In turn, those specific models can only be found at branded dealerships. But, Nissan is ready to shake up the market and will now give used non-Nissan models that same stamp of approval. 

What makes a certified pre-owned model special?

One of the reasons that shoppers flock to a certified pre-owned model over a normal used model is because of the added confidence they offer. These models can’t be too old, can’t have too many miles on the odometer, and have a clean title. These models need to be in tip-top shape. Furthermore, these models undergo thorough inspections and have any minor repairs taken care of. Finally, if you purchase one of these models, you will love the additional warranty that is also offered.

A certified pre-owned model comes with some great benefits in addition to those listed above.

Why choose a certified pre-owned Nissan?

a 2019 nissan altima driving on the road, an example of a certified pre-owned Nissan model you could find
2019 Nissan Altima | Nissan

If you are shopping for a Nissan, but don’t want a new model, a certified pre-owned Nissan is a great choice. These models are ready to impress because they can’t be any older than six years old and have less than 80,000-miles. This means that you would be getting something that is ready to last for many years to come. Furthermore, you are going to love that these models are also ready to offer you some great technology.

With a certified pre-owned Nissan, you are also going to enjoy that your purchase can come with a 7-year/100,000-mile warranty. This warranty can give you added peace of mind to make sure you are able to enjoy every adventure much more.

What does Nissan get from certifying other models?

a burgundy 2017 toyota corolla which could be one of the used cars certified by nissan
2017 Toyota Corolla | Toyota

With Nissan deciding to certify non-Nissan models, shopping for a used car can get a whole lot easier. A big reason that this is happening is because of the uncertainty surrounding the new car market. Furthermore, by doing this, Nissan has the opportunity to bring shoppers into dealerships and build a relationship with a shopper. This could very easily allow Nissan to sell more new models by simply getting a shopper through the door.

For the non-Nissan models that get the Nissan certified pre-owned stamp, they are going to undergo an 84-point inspection and come with a 6-month/6,000-mile warranty. Those two benefits can help you feel much more confident in what you are purchasing.

Nissan isn’t alone in this move

a white 2020 white ford focus which can also be a used model that can be certified by nissan
2020 Ford Fusion | Ford

This may be surprising news for drivers who don’t pay attention to the automotive news. Nissan is simply the latest to announce this change. Ford has been doing this for a year or so, and General Motors will also be stepping into this market soon. But, with Nissan’s addition, this change means that automakers are coming to understand the importance of used models and why offering shoppers reliable used models is so remarkably important.

When will this start?

According to Automotive News, Nissan will be unveiling this program in the fall of 2022. All of the inventory being available through the Nissan@Home program. This will allow shoppers to do the entire shopping process right from home.

Shopping for a used car is about to be much easier thanks to Nissan’s announcement of certifying non-branded used models.


How Do Used Cars Become Certified Pre-Owned?