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A few years ago, the performance car market seemed to be heading for an exclusively electrified or hybridized approach to breaking records. Displacements got smaller and cylinders fewer as electric motors took over some of the burdens of producing big power. However, in 2024, several storied marques, like Ferrari and Aston Martin not only aren’t ready to give up their performance nameplates, they’re not yet willing to give up their V12 engines. And we’re here for it.

Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini all continue to offer V12 engines in their supercars, hypercars, and luxury rides

Ferrari stunned fans and enthusiasts everywhere by unveiling the sinfully stylish 12Cilindri. Thank goodness for cognates. I mean, you don’t have to speak Italian to understand what “12Cilindri” is referencing. That’s right; it’s an all-too-welcome 819-horsepower V12 engine

Better yet, the supercar’s shape is fairly recognizable. It’s the long-nose, front-engine, liftback shape of the 365GTB/4, a fan favorite for the Ferrari faithful. However, even with the new Ferrari flagship model’s charismatically classic styling, fans are grateful to see a V12, a naturally aspirated one at that, under the 12Cilindri’s hood. Moreover, as you might expect, its V12 will rev compliantly– all the way up to 9,500 RPM.

A bright red Ferrari 12Cilindri and its V12 engine sits in the sunlight.
The Ferrari 12Cilindri | Ferrari

However, Ferrari isn’t the only world-class marque sticking with V12 engines for the foreseeable future. Aston Martin recently teased another variation of the Vanquish, and it will likely pack an 824-horsepower V12. How do we know? Aston Martin, cheeky as they are, remarked “All will be vanquished” of the new mill. 

Unlike the Ferrari 12Cilindri, however, the next-generation Aston Martin GT car will have a twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder engine. It’s certainly a departure from the first two generations of the Vanquish, including the stunning silver Aston Martin from the James Bond film “Die Another Day.”

Still, Aston Martin and Ferrari aren’t alone in their stubborn adherence to V12 engine magic. The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto develops 820 horsepower from its 6.5L V12 and an additional 181 horsepower from its three supplementary electric motors. The result? A Lamborghini Revuelto produces 1,001 horsepower. Whether it be naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or hybridized, the V12 engine isn’t quite finished. Not yet anyway.