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Some enthusiasts will go down deep rabbit holes to get better performance out of their cars, and Mustang owners aren’t excluded. Right out of the box, you can spend your way to more than 750 hp and impressive handling. But there’s always more you can spend. Like purchasing a complete carbon fiber body replacement for the current generation Mustang. 

How much is the Mustang carbon fiber body?

Astra Design Mustang
Astra Design Carbon Fiber body Mustang | Astra

No, this is not a fake carbon fiber wrap. Astra Designs in Arizona, will take your Mustang and replace its stamped metal body with all-new carbon fiber replacement panels. With that, you shave 200 lbs off of any Mustang. But it’s not cheap.

Astra’s service and panels cost $43,000. But it also includes new paint and exposed carbon fiber accents. Now, if you want to shed still more weight, you can go extreme with a naked carbon fiber finish. So, what is naked carbon fiber?

What’s the advantage of Mustang naked carbon fiber panels?

Astra Design Mustang
Astra Design Carbon Fiber body Mustang | Astra

It is carbon fiber with any epoxy or lacquer insulation. It is essentially pure carbon, with each carbon strand now exposed. Because carbon fiber panels are autoclaved, there is always a thin coat of epoxy on the surface of the finished part. 

That layer is removed by careful sanding and polishing. But one slip can damage the surface. The result is a satin metallic-like finish that’s cold to the touch. This is because it is pure carbon and not separated by that epoxy layer.

On a Koenigsegg Regera, it saves an additional 44 lbs over a standard carbon fiber body. No figure is offered from Astra Design for the added weight savings. But it does advertise the price, which is an additional $15,000. Included in that price is a centerline V-twill weave that is matched to the inside cabin. 

What is a V-twill carbon fiber weave?

Astra Design Mustang
Astra Design Carbon Fiber body Mustang | Astra

A V-twill weave is the strongest carbon fiber because the fiber runs very straight, and for longer lengths. That helps to increase the carbon fiber’s strength. It is also more pliable, which helps with a vehicle that is exposed to bad roads, and rocks that can potentially damage the body surface. But Astra will also put a protective finish on the panels if the customer desires. 

And it offers even more ways to lighten the load. You can choose from adding a carbon fiber driveshaft, racing wheels, a rear seat delete kit, racing seats, and a lighter exhaust system. Suspension upgrades can also be added, as well as Brembo brakes, a supercharger, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or Cup 2 tires.

What does the cabin get from Astra?

Astra Design Mustang
Astra Design Carbon Fiber body Mustang | Astra

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Inside, you can add an exposed carbon fiber interior package that adds those woven bits throughout the cabin. Then there is quilted leather upholstery, a 10.2-inch infotainment system, and a carbon fiber steering wheel enhanced with leather inserts. Taken together, all of these additions also add around $100,000 above whatever you paid for your Mustang

But remember, these accouterments are combined with over 850 hp. That’s also way over the MSRP of an LZ1 Corvette, though there aren’t many going for MSRP. And they aren’t a carbon fiber-bodied Mustang. But those are choices only the buyer has to make.