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New Jersey hits a little different. It has a reputation for fast, aggressive drivers. But it also is known for its sense of humor. Every holiday season, these two aspects of New Jersey come together for its yearly sassy road sign tradition. And this year, New Jersey even divulged the signs too naughty to go live.

But not everyone is all about New Jersey’s road sign tradition. One real grinch of a driver told NBC 4 news of New York: “People are distracted enough already and the messages are just too long,…They should say drive safely or slow down.”

A different driver said, “I think they’re great, they’re perfect, especially for New Jersey.” And Bethany Bollerman from Mahwah, NJ, agreed, “I love it, I think it’s great and made me laugh and I think it’s a good thing.”

So what do this year’s signs say? Some classics include: “Text and Drive Automatic Naughty List.” and “Reckless drivers are worse than the fruitcake.”

What didn’t make the cut? The powers that be considered, “Nice car, did it come with a turn signal?” and “Get your head out of your apps.” But decided against them.

Personally, I love these sassier signs. I’d love New Jersey drivers to start using turn signals, and I don’t think anyone should be on their phone while on the road. But it might be for the best that the New Jersey DOT kept it between the lines. At the end of the day, the Federal Highway Administration can veto highway sign messages.

See NBC 4 New York’s coverage of New Jersey’s saucy road signs in the video below: