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The 2022 Detroit Auto Show seemed a bit different than it was in the past. Previous versions of this show took place almost entirely indoors because this was the opening car show of the year, held in January. This year, many automotive tech firms brought some impressive future car tech features to give us a glimpse at the possibilities of future cars.

Should there be car tech that takes deep readings of drivers?

Harman Ready Care featured in a futuristic dasshboard
Harman Ready Care | Harman

MotorTrend tells us about a new bit of technology called Harman Ready Care. This car tech reads drivers more deeply than current driver alertness systems. It’s made by the same company that offers the Harman Kardon sound systems we love. Most driver alert systems in current vehicles only read your eyes to determine if you’re taking your view away from the road for too long.

This new Harman Ready Care system monitors expression, eye gaze, blinking, droop, and other signs of “tunnel vision.” If you’ve ever driven from one place to another and can’t remember how you got there, you’ve experienced “tunnel vision,” also known as the 1,000-foot stare or daydreaming.

The sensors of this new system detect changes in facial expression and monitor your heartbeat. If you’re losing focus on the road, this system will change the air or seat temperature, offer different sounds, or change the ambient lighting. The goal is to bring your alertness back to your drive. If you still don’t respond, this system will work with the vehicle’s safety systems to bring the car to a stop on the side of the road.

Can you wirelessly charge your phone while using it?

Charging Hot Spots Using the Yanktech Wireless Wi-Fi Charging Car Tech
Charging Hot Spots Using the Yanktech Wireless Wi-Fi Charging Car Tech | Yanktech

When your passengers use up their phone battery because they’ve been playing games and scrolling through social media, how do they charge it? Do they plug in and continue playing, or set it on the wireless charger and wait? Yanktech has a way to give your passengers the best of both worlds.

Using magnetic resonance, the Yanktech wireless power system can use the in-car Wi-Fi system to send power to a phone battery. This means charging a cell phone while in use without a cord attached to it.

This new wireless car tech could replace many wires

Yanktech Wireless Seating Configuration
Yanktech Wireless Seating Configuration | Yanktech

The new wireless power provided by Yanktech might be more useful than simply charging your phone. The company says it can send power up to 18 inches to a phone, which could also send power to a seat. Using wireless power could allow automakers to build seats without wiring harnesses. Automakers may use this system to power windows and door locks in future cars.

The Yanktech wireless power depends on in-car Wi-Fi. As we move forward with more connected cars, could we see Wi-Fi in cars as a standard item, not an optional upgrade? This would allow the Yanktech car tech to work at all times.

Right now, we don’t know when either the Harman Ready Care or Yanktech wireless power system will arrive in vehicles, but we certainly hope it’s soon.

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