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When you look at eXoMod Concept’s 1968 Dodge Charger, you can see the proportions are different from a stock 1968 Charger. Not worse, just different. But you’re looking at a brand new rebodied 2022 Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. Yes, the C68 Carbon isn’t really an old Charger at all. 

Is this 1968 Dodge Charger on a new chassis?

C68 Carbon Charger
C68 Carbon 1968 Dodge Charger rebody | eXoMod

The C68 is a full carbon fiber rebody, with all of the convenience, power, handling, and comfort of a new muscle car. First, the 2022 Challenger was stripped of its original exterior sheet metal. The C68 Carbon “is the first all-carbon fiber-bodied muscle car built on a brand-new automobile chassis,” says eXoMod Concepts. 

Who are we to argue? For starters, the idea of combining the two disparate cars isn’t as crazy as it sounds. A lot of work? Yes, but not crazy. The wheelbase of both vehicles is almost identical. But a new Challenger does come in at four inches more width over that of a 1968 Charger. 

Still, it only fusses with the proportions slightly, and not in a bad way. “You have the old-school soul and looks, but you have the new-school technology and reliability,” Rick Katzeff, CEO of eXoMod Concepts, told Autoevolution. “That’s the first one right there.” 

The wheel arches are a bit larger on the C68 compared to a stock 1968 Charger. Though the wheelbases are identical, it’s as if the frame slipped slightly forward on a stocker. That results in a bit less overhang at the rear. And making the most difference is that the Challenger top is definitely lower.

The carbon fiber body sheds 400 lbs from the Charger

C68 Carbon Charger
C68 Carbon 1968 Dodge Charger rebody | eXoMod

But details like the fake door scoops, grille, taillights, and bigger things like the profile and window DLO are all spot-on. With less rear overhang, the back got taller, resulting in a taller lower valance, and the squared-off rear window needs more crown at the top. But these are minor relative to the overall impression of the C68. 

A big plus is that the carbon fiber body shed 400 lbs of weight. In stock form, the SRT Hellcat Redeye has 807 hp. Its top speed hits right at 200 mph, with a zero-to-60 time of 3.6 seconds. So with 400 lbs less weight, this Electric Blue Pearl-painted brute will exceed anything its owner can throw at it if he or she has the guts to.  

Does the interior look like a 1968 Charger?

C68 Carbon Charger
C68 Carbon 1968 Dodge Charger rebody | eXoMod

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Inside, the cabin is bone-stock with the exception of the seats. In another nod to 1968 interiors, they now feature white leather. And yes, plenty of Chargers, Road Runners, and the like came with black interiors with white seats. 

The C68 Carbon debuts at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas next month. Then, it’s off to the Barrett-Jackson Kissimmee, Florida auction in January. And if you were wondering about eXoMod Concepts’ future plans, those include a 1969 Charger Daytona and a 1971 Dodge Demon reinterpretation. We’ll look forward to seeing those versions next.