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Fans of Formula 1 were thrilled when Netflix decided to produce a racing show based on the legendary, and perhaps most dangerous, races in the world called Drive to Survive.

It’s one thing to watch each and every race and see the drivers as they take their victory lap, but getting to see all the many people who make F1 possible and what goes on behind the scenes really took things to the next level. It also opened the door for new fans to see what F1 is all about.

That’s why it was so exciting when Netflix announced that there would indeed be a season two of the hit racing show. It was questionable there for a while, but season two will hit Netflix sometime in 2020.

What is Formula 1?

Almost everyone has heard of NASCAR, but Formula 1 or F1, may not be as familiar, so here’s a brief breakdown of what it’s all about.

F1 was originally established in 1906 in France and it has slowly grown into one of the most well-known racing leagues in the world. The cars are single-seat, open-wheeled racecars. The drivers, as well as the cars, must meet rigorous regulations before being allowed anywhere near an F1 track.

There are also teams. A driver may be the main figurehead for the F1 race, but there are other members of the team such as a team boss, commercial director, technical director, chief aerodynamicist, chief designer, and chief of R&D. Each plays a crucial role that can make or break the entire team.

To make things even more complicated, and fascinating, there are a series of races that take place all over the world and on a large variety of tracks. For example, the race at Monaco is a street race. Other races are on permanent circuits.

How is a champion crowned?

Each race adds into a running score system that determines who the winner is at the end of the Grand Prix. There are two annual championships that can be won: the For­mula One Constructors’ Championship and the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.

The Constructors’ Championship determines which team and which vehicle won. The Drivers’ Championship determines the driver who wins the Grand Prix.

‘Drive to Survive’: What’s it about?

Netflix’s synopsis of its new hit docuseries Drive to Survive says, “Drivers, managers, and team owners live life in the fast lane — both on and off the track — during one cutthroat season of Formula 1 racing.”

That’s a simple way of saying that cameramen followed the men and women of F1 around for weeks and got as much film as they could. It was fascinating to see that there was more to training than just jumping behind the wheel of the car and running laps.

Drivers need to be physically fit in order to make it through a race. The teams were also showcased, and in some cases, the tension was enough to be felt through the screen. And let’s not forget the crashes. 

Why the show is successful

There were no holds barred as Netflix explored the gritty drama that takes place on and off the track. Dedicated fans got a deeper look into the world they so love, and new fans got a very in-depth beginners guide into what F1 is all about.

It also showed how truly dedicated the men and women of F1 are and how much they give up just for a shot. For those who love reality TV, it doesn’t get much better as the stakes are all too real.

What’s in store for season 2?

With so much attention garnered from the show, you know that other big names are going to jump on board. According to Car Scoops, two huge names in the car world, Ferrari and Mercedes, declined to be a part of season one of Drive to Survive.

Now the car brands want a piece of the action. Considering what the show has done for other brands as far as advertising and gaining more attention, it was only a matter of time before the only two holdouts jumped on board.

Now that we have all 10 teams on board, especially with an inside look at the legendary rivalry between Ferrari and Mercedes, the tension will be higher than ever in season two.