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New-old-stock Dodge Vipers are one of the more exciting cars for car nerds. This isn’t just any Dodge Viper, though. This one is the insane Dodge Viper ACR Extreme which is aptly named. Not only is this the super-hopped-up version, but it also has less than 1,000 miles, and it’s for sale on Bring a trailer. 

Dodge Viper ACR Extreme for sale on Bring a Trailer in blue with a black racing stripe
Dodge Viper ACT Extreme | Bring a Trailer Brian_GTS

The Dodge Viper ACR Extreme is too much car for many people 

According to CarScoops, The Dodge Viper ACR Extreme remains one of the most intense track-focused road cars. Of course, Dodge stopped making the Viper years ago, but used ones are still swirling around the ether, and sometimes they come up for sale. 

This particular Viper ACR Extreme has been listed up for sale from Bring A Trailer and is painted in the blazing Competition Blue. The original owner took delivery of this Dodge track monster in September of 2016. The current owner bought it last year and brought it home to North Carolina. Now, the second owner wants it to go to a third owner. The good news is that under the care of both owners, the Dodge Viper only ever was driven 792 miles. 

How much does a nearly-new Dodge Viper cost? 

Blue Dodge Viper profile image
Dodge Viper ACT Extreme | Bring a Trailer Brian_GTS

The original owner bought the Viper for $140,290. While that is a big pile of cash, the auction still has four days left (as of this writing), and the price is already at $176,000. While we don’t tend to think of newer cars appreciating, we see more examples like this of newish cars going for thousands of dollars more than they were originally sold for. 

What does the ACR Extreme designation mean? 

Dodge Viper from the front and side view
Dodge Viper ACT Extreme | Bring a Trailer Brian_GTS

What’s Going On With Dodge Viper Prices?

This Dodge Viper ACR got the Extreme Aero package added, which includes a unique hood with detachable aero louvers, an extended front splitter, carbon fiber front canards, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and an adjustable dual-element rear wing. It’s also sitting on a set of 19-inch wheels, giving it a very modern aesthetic. 

Not only are these wheels modern and cool-looking, but they are also wrapped in extremely sticky track tires. The massive tires are 295/25 upfront and 355/30 rear Kumho Ecsta V720 tires. But that isn’t the only thing that makes this snake a track beast. The Viper sports a 10-way adjustable suspension, a five-way adjustable stability control setup, and launch control. Lastly, it has Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes that could stop nuclear fallout in its tracks. 

How much power does a Dodge Viper ACR have? 

Last but certainly not least is the Viper’s massive V10 engine. Dodge saw fit to put an 8.4-liter V10 sending a factory rated at 645 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox and a speed-sensing limited-slip differential. 

This insane car represents what might very well be the last of the great manual supercars. This doesn’t mean just a manual transmission. While this one is a bit on the late side, the Dodge Viper is the last of the supercars that were primitive enough not to have all the stabilizers, computer programs, and driver assists that make cars with this amount of power much easier to drive. The Viper represents the last of the cowboy cars. 

For this reason, drivers are tripping over themselves to snatch up these Vipers at crazy money. The more automation that comes to the car world, the more we will likely see cars like this Dodge Viper ACR Extreme become more sought after.