The Mysterious All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV is Worth the Wait

Lucid is the latest start-up electric vehicle automaker to rise to prominence. The Lucid Air luxury sedan is much more than a copycat of a Tesla Model S. It has a sleek and cutting-edge design, boasts a remarkable 520 miles of range, and delivers a mighty 1111 horsepower. Fresh on the release of the Air, Lucid aims for a bigger second act with the mysterious Lucid Gravity crossover SUV. See why it may be worth the wait.

What’s the release date of the Lucid Gravity?

Rear view of Lucid Gravity electric crossover SUV with the sunset in the background
Lucid Gravity | Lucid

Lucid targets a release date in 2023 for the Lucid Gravity. By all known accounts, Lucid is on track to make the Gravity available to customers by this time. Customers can now go on the Lucid site to join the waitlist for the Gravity. 

How much does the Lucid Gravity cost?

The price information is not yet available for the Lucid Gravity. However, we can estimate the cost of Gravity based on the pricing of the Air, which has a price range of $77,400 – $169,000. Considering that the Gravity is expected to be more luxurious than the Air, and luxury crossover SUVs tend to be more expensive than luxury sedans, the cost of the Gravity will likely be higher than the Air. 

Car and Driver did a cost estimate of four possible trims of the Lucid Gravity. It estimated a price of $90,000 for a Pure trim, $110,000 for a Touring trim, $140,000 for a Grand Touring trim, and $170,000 for a Dream Edition trim.

What do we know about the Lucid Gravity?

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The Gravity is shrouded in mystery. Lucid refers to it as the “Gravity Project,” as if it’s some secretive government endeavor at a military base. However, there are several reasons to be excited about the Lucid Gravity and patiently wait for its 2023 release.

The Gravity will ride on the same Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP) as the Air. Lucid stated that the Gravity will set “new performance standards.” Considering how high the Lucid Air raised the bar for performance for the electric sedan segment, it’s intriguing to think about what the automaker can do for the electric SUV segment.

Lucid also stated that the LEAP platform will “liberate space for passengers and cargo” and that “it’s the perfect platform to build the world’s most versatile electric SUV.” According to Lucid, the Gravity will be able to seat up to seven passengers.

Lucid Gravity stands out from electric SUV competitors

Front view of Lucid Gravity electric crossover SUV with the sunset in the background
Lucid Gravity | Lucid

Crossover SUVs are a much higher selling vehicle segment than sedans. Therefore, the demand for the Gravity should be even greater than the Air. With its beautiful design and astonishing specs, the Air already separated from the pack in a crossover-dominated world. Many other automakers plan to release electric SUVs in the near future. Models include an electric Ford Explorer, Hyundai Ioniq 7, Cadillac Escalade EV, Mercedes EQS SUV, Jeep Wagoneer electric, and Range Rover EV. 

However, none of these vehicles will offer a 1,080-hp mid-range dual-motor powertrain like the Gravity is likely to have. If Lucid opts for a tri-motor setup, the output of the Gravity could be pushed even higher to around 1,300 hp.

Is it worth the wait for the 2023 release of the mysterious Lucid Gravity? If you can afford it and are looking for an electric crossover SUV that stands out from the pack, your patience may be rewarded.

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