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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now saying that Tesla could start building the Cybertruck next year and we could get an official Tesla Cybertruck release date soon. In an earnings call with investors on Wednesday, Musk said, “We are still expected to be in production with the Cybertruck by the middle of next year and we’re excited about that product. I think that it might actually be our best product ever.” He also said the company is working on “simplicity and manufacturing improvements with Cybertruck and future products.”

The Tesla Cybertruck release date keeps changing

Elon Musk now says that Cybertruck production will start next year.
TTesla Cybertruck | Nic Coury/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“Our team continues to focus on Cybertruck production readiness,” Musk said. However, in 2019 Tesla promised that the new Cybertruck pickup truck would go into production in 2021, even though details were scarce. But the pandemic screwed up those plans. Then, there was talk of a 2022 production launch, but again, that was scuttled, again delaying the Tesla Cybertruck release date.

Since then Tesla has not only expanded its Berlin, Germany, plant but built a new factory in Giga, Texas. The Berlin plant is making 1,000 cars a day, while production is on target to hit that production level soon in Texas. Musk did say, however, that COVID lockdowns in China slowed some production in the second quarter of 2022. It has four other factories.

How long is the wait for a Tesla Cybertruck?

Even if the Tesla factories can produce 1,000 vehicles a month, customers have placed 3 million reservations for Cybertrucks. Most expect a years-long wait. A Tesla Cybertruck release date for most of us, even if all of Tesla’s factories in California, China, Germany, and Texas were humming along, will be years However, Musk did say that Tesla is working to increase the simplicity of the truck and is making manufacturing improvements that could speed that up. Reservations are $100.

Musk announced other new products

The Tesla Model X went up in price in 2022, except for the Model X Plaid.
Tesla Model X | Tesla

On the call, which you can hear at, Musk also talked about using new batteries. Today, the company uses what it calls 2170 batteries in most of its vehicles. But, the new 4680 lithium-ion batteries will be coming soon in more cars. The 4680 cells are smaller and pack in more energy.

Musk also said that the company has a number of future products in the pipeline, but didn’t elaborate. Musk mentioned a new over-the-air update to the seatbelt tensioners and he said more roads were mapped for the autonomous driving system.

How much is a Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck release date will follow production. That means it’ll be a 2024 model. When Tesla announced it, Musk said the $40,000 Tesla Cybertruck truck would stand alone. Today, it’s on par with the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro and the work truck version of the new Chevy Silverado EV. It should have three motors, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and a range of 500 miles. Today the competition is heating up and Cybertruck will also have to compete with a new Ram EV truck, the Rivian R1T, the GMC Hummer EV truck, and possibly more by 2024.


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