Mugen Makes the Honda Odyssey Look (and Stop) Sharp

As impressive as the 2021 Odyssey is, the Honda minivan still faces a criticism leveled at all minivans: styling. Hence why the 2021 model received a mild redesign meant to deliver a ‘macho’ look. But if that’s still not enough, famed Honda tuner Mugen has stepped up to the challenge.

Mugen has an extensive history with tuning Hondas and Honda engines

Honda doesn’t really have an equivalent to Mercedes-AMG or BMW’s M Division. But it does have Mugen. And, in a way, the ties between the two companies date back almost to Honda’s creation. That’s because Mugen was co-founded by the son of Honda’s founder, Soichiro Honda: Hirotoshi Honda.

Since then, Mugen has been heavily involved in high-performance Honda products. It built the engines for the Japanese automaker’s F1 cars, Road & Track reports. Mugen also tuned an earlier version of the Civic Si and the Civic Type R, The Drive reports.

A blue 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si sedan
2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si sedan | Honda

The Honda S200 also received the Mugen touch, getting extra power, revised steering, and sportier suspension components, Car and Driver reports. The hybrid CR-Z was also modified, gaining a supercharger, lighter wheels, and upgraded suspension, Automobile reports.

And Mugen still makes parts and accessories for current Honda products. If you want to make the current-gen Civic Type R look more extreme, look to Mugen, Autoblog reports. Japanese owners of the Honda S660 kei car can buy Mugen parts for their convertibles, too, Car and Driver reports.

Mugen even helped tune a limited number of Ariel Atom 3s, MotorTrend reports. While that seems out of place, it’s worth noting that the Atom uses a Civic Type R powertrain. Mugen bumped the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from 245 hp to 270 hp, upgraded the brakes and suspension, and added a limited-slip differential, Car and Driver reports.

The 2021 Honda Odyssey now offers Mugen parts…

A white JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen parts
JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen parts | Mugen

The modifications Mugen recently unveiled for the 2021 Honda Odyssey aren’t quite as extreme.

Most of the new parts are cosmetic. The Mugen parts list includes a carbon-fiber front spoiler and some carbon-fiber grille trim, Motor1 reports. Plus, a roof spoiler, some 18” and 19” wheels, chrome trim for the rocker panels and windows, and aluminum pedals. Also, some Mugen-branded floor mats and window guards.

A close-up of a white JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen window guards and a white rear spoiler
JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen window guards and spoiler | Mugen

However, at least some of the new 2021 Honda Odyssey parts are performance-related. Mugen now offers upgraded front and rear brake pads for the 2021 Honda Odyssey along with high-temperature brake fluid, TuningBlog reports. The tuner also has oil-filler caps that claim to be more secure, as well as a brake-fluid reservoir tank cover. And there’s a Mugen oil filter, too.

…but only in Japan


You Can’t Turn a 2021 Honda Civic Type R Into a Limited Edition Clone

Unfortunately, these new Mugen parts aren’t available on the US-market 2021 Honda Odyssey. That’s because the JDM model has different styling, Motor1 explains; the new parts aren’t compatible with the US version. Not to mention the Japanese Odyssey has some exclusive features and a hybrid drivetrain, Autoblog explains.

That’s not to say that US Honda Odyssey owners are completely out of luck when it comes to Mugen accessories. Some parts are available through the tuner’s US distributor King Motorsports. However, while the distributor does offer parts for US owners of the JDM Honda Beat, the only Odyssey parts available are for 1995-2007 models.

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