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The Honda HR-V slots into the subcompact SUV segment in the Japanese automaker’s lineup, and it’s usually not the company’s most popular car. That being said, Honda recently redesigned the HR-V, which should help it appeal to more car shoppers than before. Here’s a look at what drivers can expect to pay for a 2024 Honda HR-V, both for a base-level option as well as a fully loaded top trim with all that the HR-V has to offer.

Here’s what comes with the base 2024 Honda HR-V

A gray 2024 Honda HR-V Sport subcompact SUV model parked on the side of a city street near a sewer grate
2024 Honda HR-V Sport | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda offers three trims on the HR-V right now, and the starting trim is the LX trim. It starts at just over $24,000, and since the trims don’t radically change the subcompact SUV very much, it has the same engine as the other trims. Every HR-V gets a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is offered on all trims.

The physical dimensions of the HR-V are also the same across all trims, allowing the standard trim to have as much passenger and cargo capacity as the top trim. With the seats up, the subcompact Honda SUV has 24.4 cu. ft. of space. When the seats are folded, that number jumps to 55.1 cu. ft.

On the inside, the Japanese automaker gave each HR-V a suite of smart safety features that it calls Honda Sensing. On the standard trim, that suite includes safety features such as forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and more. Tech-wise, Honda gave the standard HR-V two 7-inch screens. One is a touchscreen, and the other is a digital gauge cluster display. 

Features of the 2024 Honda HR-V EX-L

The 2024 Honda HR-V’s top trim is the EX-L, starting at about $27,700. Since its engine and dimensions are the same as the standard option, the main upgrades are inside the car. Instead of cloth upholstery, the seats are leather, and the front seats are heated as well. Honda gave the EX-L trim a moonroof, and it has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto instead of the standard trim’s wired versions.

The trim also comes with a wireless phone charger and a WiFi hotspot. The EX-L trim still has a 7-inch digital gauge cluster display, but its touchscreen is upgraded to 9 inches. While all HR-V trims come with Honda Sensing as standard, the top trim’s suite has more smart safety features. Front and rear parking sensors come standard, and a blind-spot monitoring system is optional. 

2024 Honda HR-V accessories and add-ons

Car shoppers who want to add blind-spot monitoring to their 2024 Honda HR-V have to pay just over $500 for that feature. Another costly option is all-wheel drive, which will set drivers back by $1,500. The Japanese automaker has a variety of paint options available, and some cost more than others. For example, Nordic Forest Pearl and Platinum White Pearl each cost over $450. 

HR-V shoppers can also pay $350 to give the car’s 17-inch wheels a bronze finish. Honda also has five accessory packages available. The cheapest one, the Protection Package, costs about $300, while the most expensive one, the HPD package, costs $1,400. These packages mainly change the car’s exterior, and some can’t overlap with others.

Honda also has about 37 accessory options that drivers can shop between. These options include a $200 bike mount, a $400 tent, and a $120 cargo cover, among many more. Overall, a fully loaded 2024 HR-V can cost over $37,000 with all the bells and whistles included.

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