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Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry and have progressively grown to be more popular as the effects of hydrocarbons became widely acknowledged. Vehicle manufacturers have begun transitioning from gas-powered vehicles to these eco-friendly EV models. As a result, many businesses, including IKEA, are opening up to the idea of the electrification of the automotive market by providing charging stations for their customers. 

The costs of charging your EV may vary depending on the model of your electric car. Each EV model consumes varying amounts of electrical energy, and at different rates. With IKEA joining the bandwagon of retailers providing charging stations, vehicle owners are curious to know how much it will cost to charge their EVs at an IKEA location. So, let’s find out.

A breakdown of charging levels for EVs

Electric cars need to be recharged frequently for efficiency. However, charging your EV can take anywhere between 30 minutes to even half a day, depending on the level you’re charging it. NeoCharge provides a breakdown of the three levels of EV charging, each different from the last. 

Level 1 is the slowest level which charges your EV at a voltage of 120V. At this level, electric cars take at least 30 hours to fully charge, although it takes just 5-6 hours to fully charge a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), according to the U.S. Department of Transportation

At Level 2, your electric car generally charges faster than in Level 1. Level 2 chargers can be founded at many commercial businesses and can be installed at home. EVs charge at 208V in many commercial areas and up to 240V in residences at Level 2 and can take 4-10 hours to fully charge your EV.

Level 3 charging, also known as DC fast charging, charges your EV rapidly at 480V and can reach up to 80% in under an hour, as outlined by EVTown. Only businesses and commercial centers have Level 3 charging stations. A Tesla Supercharger is a version of Level 3 charging for electric vehicles, which can get your Tesla Model S to half-charge in only 20 minutes, as stated by InsideEvs

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle at IKEA?

Normally, businesses and enterprises such as IKEA that have charging stations are responsible for setting their own EV charging rates. Most charging stations charge between $10 to $30, but IKEA has yet to announce the costs. According to Retaildive, the idea of having EV charging stations has been adopted by IKEA in collaboration with Electrify America in a project aimed at bringing ultra-fast charging stations to America. 

EV owners who subscribe to companies such as Electrify America benefit from great discounts while charging their electric cars. IKEA’s partnership with Blink allows customers to charge their electric vehicles, monitor the progress while shopping for convenience, and still benefit from discounts offered through the app. 

With ChargePoint, you even get to charge your electric car for free at your IKEA charging station up to 30A or for 5 minutes. This means you never have to worry if you’re stuck on the way home. Signing up for these apps could get you huge discounts, especially if you often use your EV, and help you save a lot of money.

Does your local IKEA have a charging station?

An electric vehicle (EV) charging station in an IKEA parking lot located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An electric vehicle (EV) charging station in an IKEA parking lot | Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Jerry confirms that IKEA has expanded its market by adding electric car charging stations to its retail stores. Electrify America’s partnership with IKEA envisions having more than 200 individual ultra-fast chargers in 18 states.

Finding out if your local IKEA outlet has a charging station has been made possible through various phone applications such as PlugShare. These applications have interactive maps showing you where to find a charging station to plug in your EV. 

You can always charge your electric vehicle in your local IKEA and stay informed using your phone’s various EV charging apps. Simply search the IKEA location in your desired app, and you can see if your local IKEA has an EV charging station. A unique feature of PlugShare is that homeowners can share their home chargers with other PlugShare users. 

With the great push for more sustainable energy, vehicle owners are happy to know they can conveniently switch to EVs without worrying about running low on power, thanks to the expansion of EV charging stations.


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