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Do you see a lot of white cars in your area? Perhaps black SUVs are all the rage in the neighborhood. You aren’t seeing things; those really are the most popular car colors. There is a good chance you have a white car, truck, or sport utility vehicle if you live in one of these 36 states. What’s the reason for this loyalty to the white car?

The most popular car color isn't green like this Lamborghini
A Lamborghini SpA Aventador SVJ vehicle is displayed during the New York International Auto Show | Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to a recent study by iSeeCars, the most popular car color is white, with 25.8% of the cars on the road having some variation of this color. Out of 6.1 million vehicles on the road between the ages of one and five (2017-2021), the most common color is white. iSeeCars used the location of the sale to find out which area had the most of each color.

Black was next up with 22.3% of cars, followed by gray with 18.4% of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Silver (12.1%), blue (9.5%), and red (8.6%) make up the top six colors. Brown, green, and orange make up the next few colors, but all of these are less than one percent.

The least popular colors are purple (0.3%), gold (0.2%) and yellow (0.1%). Grayscale colors (white, black, gray, and silver) make up 78.5% of all vehicles on the road. Popular vehicles like the Kia Telluride SUV and the Toyota Camry sedan are painted white and black to appease larger groups of people.

Upon further examination, only two car colors were on top. White is the most popular car color in 36 states, while black is the most popular in 14 states. California has the most white cars, coming in at 30.2%. Besides the greyscale colors, blue was the most popular color in 33 states, followed by red in 17. If you want to blend in, order your next Ford F-150 pickup truck in a lovely shade of white.

Those who like colorful cars could move to West Virginia, which logged 28.1% of colorful vehicles on the road. Vermont came in at 27.0%, followed by Wyoming at 26.6%. The least colorful state is California, which simply loves white cars, trucks, and SUVs.

In the most popular metro areas in the country, white and black are again the most popular. Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, have 26.7% white cars. That is followed by Atlanta, GA, 26.4%, and Austin, TX, 26.7%.

What makes white the favored color for buyers?

Basically, white cars are easy to care for. White’s popularity can be attributed to it being one of the easiest colors to maintain, and because it is a common color for fleet and rental vehicles, white is prevalent in the used car market,” Karl Brauer of iSeeCars said.

White is the most popular car color in a lot of places because it looks good and is readily available. You are more likely to come across a white vehicle than a yellow or green one. Buying a white car is practical, especially if you don’t like to keep it clean. White hides the dirt better! So before you place an order for the Solar Octane Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.


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