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Since the Ford F-Series is America’s best-selling vehicle, it has many dealer accessories available. Some of the popular F-150 accessories include bed liners, trim pieces, roof and bed racks, and cargo organizers. There are also some unconventional ones that aren’t quite as popular but are important to the right buyer.

One of those accessories is a tent, which is the most expensive dealer option for the Ford F-150.

The most expensive 2023 Ford F-150 accessory is a tent

There are actually multiple tents available for the Ford F-150. The most expensive is the Yakima HD Skyrise 2-person tent for a whopping $2,989. You could buy a premium 2-person tent for well under that price, but this one is designed specifically for the F-150 with a Yakima bed rack.

Ford’s website describes this accessory as “the ultimate mobile base camp for any season.” It’s made from Ripstop polyester fabric with a waterproof coating, plus a water-resistant rainfly.

Features of this tent include a wall-to-wall foam mattress with a removable cover, an abrasion-resistant floor with a textured finish, and an integrated same-key system for added security.

This is a cool accessory if you’re outdoorsy and never know where you’re going to need to set up camp. Maybe you’re camping somewhere other than at a conventional campsite and need some shelter. This Yakima tent is a cool way to stay sheltered from the elements without having to camp in the cab of the truck.

Other Ford F-150 accessories

Another dealer option specifically for the 5.5-foot bed is a Sportz Truck tent for only $319. It turns the bed of the F-150 into a little shelter complete with a 4’ x 4’ awning. It’s compact enough to leave in the cab of your truck in case of an impromptu camping adventure. There’s no bed rack required for this one; it sets up right inside the bed of the F-150. This is a better deal than the Yakima tent, but it’s not quite as premium.

There’s also a more lightweight Yakima 2-person tent option for only $2,029. This one also perches on top of a Yakima rack, but Ford’s website describes it as suitable for “warm, clear evenings,” implying it’s not as heavy-duty as the pricier tent.

Is it worth it?

It’s a little hard to justify the price of this Yakima tent, but it is pretty awesome. You could easily get a really nice tent of similar size for under $1,000 that you could use anywhere, even if your F-150 isn’t with you. However, then you’d have to sleep on the ground rather than having the luxury of sleeping above the ground in your elevated tent.

The Yakima HD Skyrise 2-person tent could be worth the price for an avid camper who doesn’t need more space than that. However, the average weekend warrior doing occasional camping at regular campsites might be better off with a regular tent.


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