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You read that right! Jose Canseco decided this Acura NSX would be better off as a Lamborghini Diablo, and to be fair, it looks like the NSX agreed. Up for sale on eBay right now; this is one of the more impressive kit car builds out there. But don’t call it a kit car, this Acura Lamborghini supercar is impressive down to the nuts and bolts.

Jose Canseco decided to make his Acura NSX into Lamborghini Diablo GT

Jose Canseco made a Lamborghini Diablo from an Acura NSX
Jose Canseco’s old Lamborghini Diablo that started life as an Acura NSX | Sellfriendly via eBay

The eBay listing gives a bit of insight into the transition. This Diablo started life as a 1999 Acura NSX. At some point, Jose Canseco was the proud owner of the NSX. It seems he wanted to own a Lamborghini supercar more than an NSX, even though the Acura is pretty cool on its own.

“While other Lamborghini owners are draining their bank accounts to pay for repairs, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when you get your parts at a local auto parts store or online for a fraction of the price.”

eBay | 1999 Replica/Kit Makes Lamborghini Diablo GT

The eBay listing says that it features the original NSX chassis and engine while incorporating many OEM Lamborghini Diablo GT parts. The classic Lambo doors, or scissor doors, are genuine Lamborghini parts.

The 1999 Acura NSX is still cool without turning into a Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo turned Acura NSX
Lamborghini Diablo turned Acura NSX | Sellfriendly via eBay

The current owner and seller of this Lamborghini Diablo gives detailed information in the item description. He says he wouldn’t call this a kit car but an Acura NSX modified to resemble a Lamborghini Diablo GT. Only 83 of these were made back during production. An NSX is nothing to overlook, so the owner says this supercar gets lots of looks.

Titled as a 1991 ASPT, which means “assembled by parts.” The chassis belongs to an NSX, and the body belongs to a Diablo, but neither brand will appear on the title. The guy in charge of the build has done other famous movie cars, and when Conseco requested he take it from NSX to Diablo, he took the challenge on.

The owner says the engine has been “overhauled and tested” and runs well. The Lamborghini supercar has a new paint job, new wheels, and some OEM Lamborghini Diablo caps. The owner overhauled the interior and added brand new tires. The listing does note that it has a V6 and a manual transmission, like a 99 NSX would have.

This is a pretty cool car at a fairly reasonable price


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It is hard enough to come across a regular Acura NSX these days, let alone a Lamborghini Diablo GT NSX. The current bid sits at $126,100.00 and has a few hours left. The owner and the Diablo currently live in Florida, so the new owner will probably have to ship it from the land of alligators. The seller lowered the reserve price from $175,000 sometime during the auction.

It seems like a pretty fun car and conversation piece at this price. No, it isn’t a real Lamborghini Diablo, but it still looks pretty awesome. This is no slapped-together kit car. Most 1999 Acura NSX cars are still going for over $100,000 on Bring a Trailer right now.

Some might call the Diablo an overrated supercar, but that isn’t the case. Less than 10 of these are intact and in the U.S., and Lamborghini made fewer than 100. There’s probably only one that started life as an Acura NSX, making it even cooler. The price makes it a steal and if you like chatting up other rare car owners in Florida parking lots, this is probably the vehicle for you.