Mitsubishi Awards 2022 Outlander Model to Amazon Sweepstakes Winner

The Mitsubishi Outlander was in need of a makeover with its 2022 model. Older versions of the vehicle were criticized for various reasons, such as an underpowered engine, uncomfortable seating, and a lack of storage space. Drastic measures were in order.

Knowing that Outlander needed something to raise its profile and grab attention, Mitsubishi unveiled the 2022 edition in a way that’s never been done before. According to Mitsubishi News, they also created a sweepstake to give one away to a lucky winner. All of the pre-release noise was appropriate given the final product. This year’s Outlander provides everything customers would want in an SUV. 

Mitsubishi’s Amazon reveal was a one of a kind event

A Mitsubishi Outlander logo on a black background with raindrops.
Mitsubishi Outlander logo | Getty Images

The ongoing pandemic has forced car companies to get more creative about how they present their newest rides. Some are moving in more low-key ways, but Mitsubishi decided to go as loud as possible and form a partnership with Amazon to debut the 2022 Outlander. The car, which had only been teased in shadowy product shots before then, was viewable on Amazon’s and Mitsubishi’s websites. 

The deal made sense for both parties. For Mitsubishi, the increased accessibility of the platform meant that they got to show their car to a much larger customer base in a novel way that builds excitement and stands out from the competition. For Amazon, it was another example of their Bezos-led desire to have a hand in every piece of society. 

The big show took place on February 16 at 6 pm. EST and was paired with a foolproof way to get more potential customers interested in the then-unseen SUV. 

How did the sweepstakes for the Outlander play out?

The campaign to give a 2022 Outlander White SE with the total technology package away as a prize was straightforward and went smoothly. 

Interested parties could fill out an entry form on Mitsubishi’s or Amazon’s website and submit it to receive an entry into the promotion. A winner was chosen randomly on April 5. In order to seal the deal, that person was required to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release and any other requested documents within five days of notification.

The Outlander was gifted to Victor Warmke of Anderson, Indiana. He reacted appropriately for a man who had just won a brand new car for the price of nothing. 

 “We enjoyed seeing the Outlander make its debut on Amazon Live and entered the sweepstakes without ever thinking we’d actually get to win such a beautiful new car,” said Warmke. “Now that we’ve had a chance to get behind the wheel, I’m even more excited. In person, it’s even better looking and more luxurious than it seemed on screen. It looks and feels like a much more expensive vehicle and has all the latest technology.” Mitsubishi got the PR boost they wanted out of this stunt, and Victor got a new car. Indeed a win-win situation. 

Look past the extravagant reveal and you’ll see that the Outlander is a much-improved SUV

Once the Outlander was fully revealed, and people could inspect its specifications and features, it was clear to see why Mitsubishi was so excited about what they created. Every piece of the car has been redesigned and upgraded from the previous models. 

Some of the most glaring improvements are in the interior, where near-luxury materials replaced cheap plastics, safety systems were added, and an infotainment system including a nine-inch center screen, two USB ports, and Apple CarPlay for the first time. 

Under the hood, a new control system derived from rally races makes it easier to handle the Outlander in all environments. The consensus view on the car is highly positive. The Outlander comes in five trims – ES, SE, SE Launch Edition, SEL, and SEL Launch Edition – but the base model is priced at $25,795. 

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