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A24’s recent “Civil War” pits Americans against, well, other Americans. As such, viewers will see scores of U.S. Military vehicles, including helicopters and airplanes. So, which military aircraft can you expect to see in “Civil War?”

Despite its title, moviegoers will get light exposure to military helicopters and bomb-laden airplanes in ‘Civil War’

It’s a bold move to release a politically-charged movie like “Civil War” in such a tense landscape. Not to mention the upcoming election. Still, beyond the political commentary, the story pits seceded state alliances against the fractured forces of the United States Military. Consequently, many of the sorties and aerial actions are performed by American military helicopters and airplanes.

First, and most questionable, the movie features plenty of F-22 Raptor fifth-generation fighter aircraft cruising low and slow. Admittedly, it’s a good look. The F-22’s sleek stealth construction makes for a sinister addition to the film’s gritty, dark demeanor. However, it’s also a somewhat unrealistic addition to the movie. 

Chinook military helicopters in 'Civil War'.
Chinooks in ‘Civil War’ | A24 via YouTube

See, the United States Air Force stopped fielding the F-22 Raptor after it hit 182 operational airframes. As such, it’s unlikely that you’d see quite so many F-22s in the air over the country, let alone performing close air support (CAS) actions. After all, the F-22 is, first and foremost, an air superiority fighter aircraft, not a multirole platform. No, you’d likely see more of the F-35, F-18, and in CAS roles, the iconic A-10 Warthog. I can hear some of you making the “Brrrrrrrrrrt” sound right now. 

Beyond the sleek, stealthy F-22, the film features the AH-64 Apache gunship helicopter flying over Washington D.C. It’s a harrowing sight to see the tank-busting gunship sailing over once-friendly skies. And harrowing it would be for the troops and civilians on the ground; the AH-64 Apache, depending on its role, can carry an assortment of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and rocket pods. Additionally, the gunner aboard the Apache has command over a 30 mm cannon that turns as the pilot’s head does.

Finally, fans will notice one of the workhorses of the United States Army, the CH-47 Chinook. The Chinook is a twin-rotor heavy-lift helicopter with the ability to lift upwards of 28,000 lbs externally and float on calm waters. Unsurprisingly, then, A24 chose to include the mighty Chinook in its film about American civil unrest.