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  • The AMG A35 won’t be back for 2022
  • Mercedes-Benz couldn’t make the bargain sedan sell
  • The AMG A35 is a real AMG car priced to match

Do you like fast cars made by Mercedes-Benz? Do you also like money, and having it for more than the fleeting moments before rent is due? Yes? Great! Go buy an AMG A35, because the fast bargain luxury sedan won’t be around for much longer. Unfortunately, the cheapest AMG is now dead, and won’t be returning for MY22 (that’s model year 2022). Maybe it’ll be worth something on Bring A Trailer 600 years from now.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 is dead

A blue Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 sedan shot from the front 3/4
The Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 | Mercedes-Benz

The canceled model in question is the babiest of baby Benzes, the A-Class we’re talking about. Y’know, that silver Merc your mom said was nice when you passed the Hertz stand in O’Hare last Thanksgiving? Thankfully, the base Mercedes-Benz A-Class is sticking around, but CarBuzz was told by a Mercedes PR rep that the AMG A35 will not be, and that’s a crying shame. So many of Affalterbach’s faster cars are, well, too fast, and the A35 felt like a Goldilocks car.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT has 577 hp and will get you a speeding ticket in first gear. The A35 only has 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. That’s less than an E46 BMW M3. You could use the AMG A35’s 302 hp to a reasonable extent and probably talk your way out of whatever speeding ticket you were about to get. Plus, you wouldn’t have put it in a ditch had you rented the silver Merc in the Hertz lobby last Thanksgiving because it has AWD. Again, a crying shame the smallest fast Benz is dying.

How much was the Mercedes A35?

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan with blue ambient lighting
The Mercedes-AMG A35 hits above its price point | Mercedes-Benz

Then there’s the bargain aspect of it. Mercedes-Benz makes bonafide luxury cars. Remember the S Class? The A-Class is effectively a scaled-down model. Just look at the interior above. All those screens, switches, and lights for only $45,945 MSRP? It’s a shame it’s going away. Honestly, it makes us question why anyone didn’t buy the Mercedes-Benz A35. Clearly, the baby AMG just wasn’t enough of a value proposition for many consumers.

In all likelihood, those in the market for a Mercedes-Benz or AMG product with that kind of money are going to go used and get something with far more power for their money. As nice as the 2022 Mercedes-Benz A-Class platform is, the money clearly just didn’t add up for a lot of buyers. All this to say nothing of the competition. $50,000 goes a long way in the world of bargain sports sedans. The Audi S4 is a legend, and plenty of new (or new enough) examples can be had for this kind of money, as well as with more power.

Is the A35 a real AMG?

A denim blue AMG A35 sedan shot from the rear 3/4
The last A35 AMG | Mercedes-Benz

Of course, the demise of the AMG A35 also raised a lot of questions about the, er, “AMG-ness” of the car. Google it and one of the most popular question is “is the AMG A35 a real AMG?” It’s a fair question, but an AMG it must be. The badge is there, and for the compact sedan segment, 302 hp and AWD is a lot. We’re certainly bummed the new model won’t be making the trip Stateside, but hopefully, Mercedes-Benz will have some sort of consolation prize for us next year, or in the form of a Formula 1 world championship.


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