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The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT marks the first year of the performance sports coupe’s second generation. To mark the occasion, the GT features new bodywork, all-wheel drive for the first time, an additional performance kit, and a refined focus on cruising versus strictly corner carving. Mercedes-Benz AMG coupes have never been what most would consider “affordable,” but just how much buyers can expect to pay for this muscle-bound coupe remains shrouded in mystery?

The Mercedes-AMG GT’s price remains unknown

Mercedes-AMG is more than eager to tell you about the updates for the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT. The division expounds on the GT’s new “expanded dimension concept,” which in non-marketing terms means it’s now available in a 2+2 configuration so drivers can thrill a total of three passengers. It’s also happy to share that the GT will now sport standard all-wheel drive, active aerodynamics, and active rear-axle steering. The second-gen GT also sports a slightly more spacious cabin that borrows heavily from the AMG SL roadster. And though it’s not new, AMG still heralds its bi-turbo 4.0-liter V8, which will deliver 469 horsepower in the GT 55 and 577 horsepower in the GT 63 Coupe — reaching an electronically limited top speed of 196 mph.

However, what Mercedes-AMG won’t tell you, at least not yet, is how much its revised performance coupe costs. The website page for the new GT allows visitors to select a “configure now” button, but the result sends prospective buyers to an AMG dealership locater.

It’s reasonable to suspect Mercedes-AMG will release the GT’s pricing soon enough. After all, it’s expected to hit dealers in the first half of 2024, and the company has no problem advertising that its SL 63 Roadster starts at $183,000 MSRP.

Still, it can be assumed the GT’s pricing remains shrouded because it’s a case of “If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.” Sure, get in touch with a dealer if you’re interested, we could hear AMG say, or wait until your personal assistant returns from his sick leave.  

We can at least assume the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT’s pricing will be in the same ballpark as the SL. The 2023 SL 55, which will share the same 469-horsepower V8 as the GT 55, starts at $141,300. The top-spec 2023 SL 63, tuned to dish out the same 577 horsepower as the GT 63, starts at $183,000.

Of course, those relative price points don’t include the bevy of options likely for the 2024 GT, including the available rear seats.

Other notable features of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT

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The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT has an apparent focus on being more of a grand tourer, evidenced by the 2+2 configuration and a revised cabin that shares much of its DNA with the SL, including larger dimensions for front passengers and the same 11.9-inch touchscreen. There are also features like Nappa leather upholstery, automatically adjustable seat bolsters, and massaging front seats, the latter of which will be welcomed if the new GT’s ride quality is as stiff as its predecessor.

In addition to its new standard and variable all-wheel drive system and rear-axle steering, the GT sports an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, a retractable rear spoiler, AMG’s MCT 9G transmission with a wet start-off clutch replacing the torque converter, and AMG’s Active Ride control suspension with roll stabilization.

Mercedes-AMG estimates the GT 55 will zip from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds, while the GT 63 will require just 3.1 ticks.

While we await the final pricing for the 2024 GT, be assured that as the pinnacle performance coupe from Mercedes’ performance wing, it will pack plenty of thrills, but its price is bound to be beyond the means of most.