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Italian company MILITEM has modified a Jeep Gladiator to the point it is almost unrecognizable, and it calls it the FERŌX-T. The changes include everything from bodywork, style, and lights to interior and exterior accessories. These additional modifications are extremely unique and add an Italian flair to the standard Gladiator. It’s all available to European customers interested in a modified Gladiator. Meet the heavily modified Jeep Gladiator, the MILITEM FERŌX-T.

Jeep Gladiator exterior modifications

MILITEM-FEROX-T fully modified Jeep Gladiator parked by a body of water
MILITEM-FEROX-T Modified Jeep Gladiator | MILITEM

On the exterior of the vehicle, a few different things have been changed to help it stand out from your run-of-the-mill standard Gladiator. New LED headlights, an altered front fascia with a more commanding front grille, LED daytime running light, and an off-road-focused bumper. These things combined completely change the look of the front end of the vehicle. You almost can’t even tell it came from the Jeep brand. That’s not all MILITEM has added. For convenience, it also attached electronically retractable running boards, dual black tailpipes, and a towbar. Then, the FERŌX-T is finished off with unique wheels wrapped in 35×12.5-inch Cooper All-terrain tires and a 2-inch lift.

The wheels, tires, and lift provide ground clearance and all-terrain capability that a standard Gladiator doesn’t have. Though Gladiators are off-road capable, who doesn’t want a version that’s even better? We also think the front fascia changes stepping away from the classic Jeep frontend gives the vehicle a very nice, unique look. It manages to look different from your normal everyday Jeep, without sacrificing the ability to tell it’s a Jeep with a single glance.

MILITEM FERŌX-T interior changes

MILITEM-FEROX-T Modified Jeep Gladiator interior in red
MILITEM-FEROX-T Modified Jeep Gladiator Interior | MILITEM

What did the Italian company do to the interior to make it stand out, even when you’re driving? New leather seats with optional Alcantara inserts fill the inside of the vehicle. Black detailing throughout as well as an ambient lighting system add unique coloring and lighting the Gladiator doesn’t usually have. Though an interior look like this may not be for everyone, it does look quite nice. The interior changes are all cosmetic and strictly for style and a different look. Functionality traits all stay on the exterior, which is understandable.

Adventure pack

Additionally, customers who want even more from the FERŌX-T Jeep Gladiator mod can purchase the Adventure pack. The Adventure pack brings scratch-resistant paint for bumpers and wheel arches, as well as a snorkel on the passenger side of the hood. A scratch-resistant luggage rack, LED headlights, and Cooper Mud Terrain tires are also all included as part of the package.

Those interested can purchase the modified Jeep Gladiator from MILTEM for $113,000 after exchanging it over to US currency. It is only available in Europe as it seems to be a small operation, and we’re sure a limited quantity of vehicles will be available. This modified Gladiator is certainly amazing for someone who wants that extra spice thrown into the Jeep Gladiator they’ve always wanted. If the price and location are right for you, you might just be able to become the owner of one of the most unique off-road capable vehicles on the road (or off). That’s the heavily modified Jeep Gladiator, the MILITEM FERŌX-T.


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