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Who doesn’t want to have free reign over a NASCAR street course? While most of us might dream of caning a 500-hp car around the track, one Corvette driver decided he would just do it. Aside from simply living out a dream, even if only briefly, the Corvette driver also made his illegal laps (possibly) sporting a Cannabis company’s branding, earning the brand some interesting PR. 

A Corvette driver snuck onto a NASCAR track

Chevrolet C8 Corvette badging on red car
Chevrolet C8 Corvette badging | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Authorities still aren’t exactly sure when the Corvette and its driver made it onto the track, but they think it was sometime around 9 p.m. last Saturday night. 

According to Chicago police, the driver of a Chevrolet Corvette wearing a Chicago-based Cannabis company livery struck a barrier on South DuSable Lake Shore Drive sometime around 9 p.m. About four hours earlier, officials halted the NASCAR Xfinity Series “The Loop 121” race due to bad weather. This means that by the time the Chevy Corvette was on the track, most fans were gone. 

Can anyone join a NASCAR race? 

That would be a big-fat no. It is pretty clear when an unsanctioned racer is on the track with NASCAR drivers. While we know the Corvette did, in fact, make it out onto the track – it is unclear exactly how much driving the amateur driver was able to do. The Police say that he was apprehended sometime around 9:30 p.m., meaning he, in theory, had 30 mins to make his dream a reality. 

He kinda got away with it

Although the Corvette driver was caught and kicked out, he was only charged with negligent driving, lack of a valid registration, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Granted, that doesn’t sound great, but he nor his passenger were arrested, and the car wasn’t impounded. Those charges are really nothing more than citations. I’d call that a pretty clean break. 

If you dig a little deeper, reports suggest that the Corvette in question is linked to Chicago rapper and Cannabis company owner Vic Mensa. According to CarScoops, Mensa’s Chicago-based Cannabis company, 93 Boyz, uses similar color schemes and designs that match the Corvette. The reports say that the driver was a 43-year-old male. Mensa is only 30, so while he wasn’t the driver, Mensa could certainly have been the unnamed passenger. 

This brings a whole new meaning to a PR stunt

This situation could easily be summed up as a way to live out a dream of being a racecar driver. However, that feels a bit too reductive. While unproven, the similarities between 93 Boyz and the Corvette livery possibly turn this silly joyride into a clever PR stunt. 

What do you think? Has anyone heard from Vic Mensa lately, or has he been too busy stunting on NASCAR?