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Here’s a story that might just restore your faith in people. A truckload of cargo unloaded itself in the middle of a busy Dubai highway. Motorists called the police to clear the dangerous obstacles. But while the police were still en route, one man was so concerned for his fellow drivers that he set about clearing the road himself.

The man said there was enough debris, and it was large enough, that he was worried about the safety of his fellow motorists. Seikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road is no joke. I count at least four lanes in each direction. But that didn’t stop the good samaritan who froggered his way through traffic to clear the road. And the story doesn’t end there.

Overhead view of highway exchange in Dubai
Dubai highway | Karim Sahib/AFP via Getty Images

Police arrived and stopped traffic, only to find someone had already done their work for them. They were so impressed with the man’s “civic-mindedness” that they invited him back to the station. There they gave him an award and offered a photoshoot.

You can see the video the Dubai Police posted of the exchange in the Tweet below:

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