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If the new BMW M2 isn’t enough performance for you, BMW’s M Performance parts might be enough to take it over the edge. The previous generation of M2 and the current generation of M240i xDrive are a couple of the marque’s hot performers, but the upcoming car promises to carve with confidence. Still, check out what BMW’s M Performance parts promise to do to the baby Bimmer’s track-day credentials.

What does the M mean in M Performance?

The M in M Performance means “Motorsport” and represents the sports and performance wing of BMW. The marque’s M cars, like the M3 and M5, are staples in sensible sedans with sleeper sedan credentials. Moreover, the smallest M car of recent years is back and more powerful than ever. Enter the new 2023 BMW M2, the G87 iteration of the taut, focused baby Bimmer. 

The new M2 features wide hips, an optional eight-speed automatic transmission, and a 453-horsepower from its S58 twin-turbocharged 3.0L inline-six. Of course, M car fans can opt for the standard six-speed manual for that extra driver’s car experience. The new BMW coupe earns its M Performance credentials. However, fans can always modify it with new M Performance parts. 

Does the new BMW M2 have optional M Performance parts?

The new BMW M2 has optional M Performance parts to push the upcoming sports coupe even further. First and most noticeably, potential owners can opt for a prominent rear wing. However, upon closer inspection, fans will notice a second spoiler affixed to the deck lid. Completing the rear-end reimagining, the quad exhaust tips are staggered for an even wilder look. 

What is included in an M Performance package?

The BMW M2’s M Performance parts seem to include everything from aero upgrades to copious weight-saving and aesthetically pleasing carbon fiber components. For instance, the rear diffuser is made entirely of carbon fiber, and the front intakes also incorporate carbon fiber. 

Moreover, the interior gets carbon fiber accenting on the steering wheel and center console. It’s not just aggressive aero; it’s a cacophony of carbon fiber inside and out.  

How does it look?

The new BMW M2 can reach new levels with aero and carbon fiber M Performance parts.
2023 BMW M2 | BMW

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While the M Performance parts will undoubtedly yield weight-saving benefits for the track, it’s a bit much aesthetically. Specifically, if you want any subtlety in your sports coupe, you should stick with the undoubtedly fast M2 in stock configuration. Better yet, the older F87 M2 might produce less power, but its fascia and proportions are easier to enjoy. Simply beholding the first pictures of the M Performance parts-equipped M2 is challenging; it’s a litany of graphics, aero, and carbon fiber. 

Of course, many fans will love the new look or gloss over it in favor of the new car’s serious performance credentials. Still, if outright acceleration is your focus, Car and Driver tested the BMW M240i xDrive hit 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, about 0.3 seconds quicker than BMW says the new M car will sprint. 

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