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The Ford Mustang was once a stranger to the drivers and car enthusiasts of the United Kingdom (UK). However, the V8-loving petrolheads of the British Isles got some good news nearly 10 years ago: the Mustang GT would hit their streets in right-hand drive. Well, the Mustang continues to be available to British buyers, albeit with a caveat. The new 2024 Ford Mustang GT costs much more for UK-based drivers.

A 2024 Ford Mustang GT will demand an extra $27,000 from its UK-based loyalists

The 2024 Ford Mustang GT arrives as the first V8-powered pony car in the model’s seventh generation (S650). Moreover, with the departure of the Dodge Challenger R/T and Chevrolet Camaro 1LT, the Mustang GT will be the cheapest V8 sports car in North America by a wide margin. 

2024 Ford Mustang GT (US)$42,710
2024 Ford Mustang GT (UK)£55,585 ($70,165)

Not including destination fees and dealership/registration fees, Ford says the new Mustang GT will cost around $42,710 for US-based buyers. Tragically, British car shoppers will have to fork over about £55,585, which, adjusting for a current exchange rate, is around $27,455 more than an equivalent Mustang GT Fastback. 

What’s more, the EcoBoost won’t go on sale in the UK for the S650 model. The news arrives despite the sale of the four-cylinder trim throughout the S550’s tenure. 

A blue 2024 Ford Mustang GT lights up its tires.
2024 Ford Mustang GT | Ford

To add insult to robbery, the US Mustang GT will develop 41 more horsepower than the UK model

According to the Ford Newsroom, the new Mustang GT develops 480 horsepower from its reimagined 5.0L Coyote V8. While the Coyote isn’t by any means new to the Mustang lineup, the dual-throttle body fourth-generation Coyote is the stoutest engine The Blue Oval has ever installed in a standard Mustang GT.

However, fans would be foolish not to opt for the model’s optional performance exhaust system, which adds six extra ponies to the GT’s stable. While six might not seem like much, the aggregate 486-horsepower figure makes the performance exhaust-equipped GT stouter than the now-discontinued Bullitt and Mach 1 trims.

Unfortunately for Mustang fans of Great Britain, the right-hand drive import will develop 439 horsepower, 41 fewer than the star-spangled North American variant. The bad news extends to the range-topping Dark Horse, too. British buyers will find their Dark Horse didn’t hit the gym quite as hard, dropping 54 horsepower from the American production model.