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Anyone who has done some new car shopping knows how helpful configurators like Volvo’s are. It lets you see the car you want exactly how it would appear in real life, all without ever leaving the couch. It’s hard to argue with the convenience of configurators. Today, it’s time to take a look at the best spec for a God-tier family hauler for mom and dad.

The wagon market in America is a small pool with slim pickings, but if SUVs aren’t your jam and you need the space, a good wagon is hard to beat. Funnily enough, Volvo calls this wagon an SUV on their configurator. Volvo is station wagon royalty, and cars like the V60 and the RS6 Avant are helping bring wagons back into the limelight.

Take a look at my Volvo V60 build

The black Volvo V60 with Momentum pack on Volvo's website with a white backdrop.
Volvo V60 with the Momentum pack | Volvo

Down to business. Above is an image of how my Volvo V60 looks before any options. The V60 comes standard with the “Momentum Pack” and works in a few goodies you don’t want to miss. 17-inch alloy wheels are standard, and depending on options available, those could go out the window in favor of some spicier metal.

This is not to say that the standard donuts are ugly; they certainly look better than the run-of-the-mill diamond-cut wheels so prominent on most new cars. Also optioned with the Momentum Pack are the 12.3-inch infotainment screen and LED headlights. There’s only one engine option for the V60, a four-cylinder turbocharged unit making anywhere from 190 to 300 hp. The move here is to squeeze as much power out of this motor as we can without burning a hole in anyone’s wallet.

On to paint. I think it’s important to have a little fun in life, so loud paint options are the only option here. Personally, Volvo’s “Denim Blue metallic” is a great mix of subtle, grown-up looks and fun. Close runner-ups are the “707 Crystal White pearl” and “725 Fusion Red metallic”. As long as it’s not grey or black, you’re on the right track.

Mo’ money mo’ options for the Volvo V60

A Denim blue V60 with the optional multi-spoke 19" wheels on Volvo's website
The Volvo V60 with optional 19-inch wheels | Volvo

As you can see, I did end up changing up the wheels. These 19-inch donuts are a more restrained choice than the garish diamond-cut wheels on offer, but the appeal with the other options is there. My advice: save the 19’s for someone else and go with an aftermarket set from Konig or Enkei. Ideally, in the darkest bronze available, adding a little boy-racer flair. Optioning the “Sport Chassie” lowers the car a little and further adds to the boy-racer vibe of my spec.

I may lose some of you on the interior after choosing the lighter “Iron ore decore inlays”. Ever a fan of funky seat patterns and materials, I skipped the optional leather seats, hopefully saving a little money in the process. Just how much is unknown, as Volvo doesn’t list prices for their options. Plus, a dark interior on the V60 means your seats, doors, and dash don’t match the headliner.

How much my V60 costs

A dark blue Volvo V60 on a mountain road at sunset, photographed from the rear
The final look of my V60 | Volvo

Here’s where things get interesting (read: boring). Volvo has quite a few options for convenience and climate packages, but with the goal of saving money, I only chose three of the nine. The Climate Pro pack gets you heated seats, steering wheel, and wipers to keep you warm. Finally, the Versatility and Lounge packs help make the V60 more friendly. Adding a massive sunroof, Harmon Kardon audio, and smartphone integration are just the highlights. Also added were grocery bag holders and a locking glove compartment.

Now here’s the kicker. Volvo lets you spend all this time building your dream family hauler but won’t even tell you how much it’ll set you back. On finishing the configurator there’s an option to request a quote, but no specific pricing is listed. When on test at Car and Driver, Volvo’s V60 came out to around $42,045 before options. It’s speculative, but my spec has to be right around $55,000. Not bad for being the black sheep and going for the wagon over the SUV.


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