Like Fine Wine, the Volvo XC90 Gets Better With Time

Those looking for a superior SUV have plenty to choose from in the auto industry if only a few rated must-buys. Volvo manages to gain distinction as having one of the highest-reviewed SUVs on the market. The Volvo XC90, in particular, keeps winning awards through MotorTrend.

Not many SUV’s out there can say they won an award four years ago and still receive the same today. Volvo now stands in a special place with this vehicle, even if some might still be perplexed at what makes it so special.

Now likened to fine wine, take a look at this SUV’s details to see why some call the XC90 a rare work of art.

The basic design of the Volvo XC90 is fairly old in terms of SUV exterior

As MotorTrend recently noted, the XC90 has a basic exterior design made when Barack Obama was still in the White House. No one can drive the XC90 without knowing it fits right in with all modern vehicle designs. When this SUV first hit the market four years ago, MotorTrend praised it to the skies, including winning their SUV of the year award.

At the time, they noted this Volvo reminded them of cars the automaker produced back in the ’70s and ’80s that placed more emphasis on utilities over anything else. Even more incredible is Volvo is still small compared to other carmakers who put out more popular SUVs.

Most notable was the speed of this SUV thanks to 316 hp and 295 lb.-ft of torque. Along with exceptional hauling ability and safety technology, many who bought the 2016 edition are still driving it now.

What did the 2020 XC90 add this year?

Ever since the Volvo XC90 appeared, MotorTrend continually placed the SUV as a finalist in their annual awards. For the 2020 XC90, it wins again – this time with a few upgrades from the 2016 model, including adding a hybrid powertrain.

Regardless of the few additions, the basic design remains the same. It proves classic designs never go out of style, including everyone loving the signature Volvo look from four decades ago.

In the 2020 version, Volvo only did slight cosmetic changes, like a new grille, tire redesign, plus new stylized bumpers. To the naked eye, it might be hard to distinguish between the 2016 model and the current one.

Nevertheless, the only real biggest changes are the technologies inside. For instance, the touchscreen is now more current with an iPad-like touch response. A few other new innovations include a pilot assist system for better steering control, advanced filtration technology, and Bowers & Wilkins speakers for realistic audio experiences.

The Volvo XC90’s Scalable Product Architecture is why it keeps winning awards


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MotorTrend above notes that when Volvo first introduced its Scalable Product Architecture design in its cars, its SUV’s became some of the safest on the road. They introduced this back in 2013, with plans to make Volvo the safest car on any roadway by 2020.

It appears they hit their goal since the 2020 Volvo XC90 continues to utilize this engineering process. Despite this SUV already being a beauty to drive in any rough terrain, the SPA tech helps cushion the driver so any impact from a crash will minimize injury.

In addition, the technology in the 2020 XC90 has better sensor equipment to avoid crashes in the first place. Collision avoidance systems in this SUV have already helped save countless lives, undoubtedly.

With SUVs being one of the leading vehicles involved in fatal accidents, Volvo led the way in making them safer than ever. No one should be surprised to see MotorTrend continually shower awards on this SUV as Volvo perpetually innovates.