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Japanese luxury brand Lexus is best known for producing reliable luxury vehicles that often share platforms with popular Toyota models. The resemblance between Toyota and Lexus vehicles is often uncanny. One Lexus midsize SUV has been making headlines for its gargantuan size. Its name is pretty interesting as well, considering how bad it could have been.

What does Lexus TX stand for?

A white 2024 Lexus TX midsize three-row SUV is parked.
The 2024 Lexus TX | Lexus

Though Lexus hasn’t explicitly stated that the “TX” stands for Texas on its new nameplate, a recent newsroom article from the brand mentions Plano, Texas. Combine that little nugget of information with the fact that this vehicle was designed specifically for the North American market, and suddenly, a strange thought comes to mind. Was Lexus about to name their new midsize SUV the “Lexus Texas”?

Sure, Lexus Texas sounds catchy to some, but it doesn’t exactly fit within the brand’s upscale design language for its vehicles. Conversely, TX sounds like a typical Lexus model while leaving enough to the imagination. So, it may not solely be named after the state of Texas or the old saying “everything’s bigger in Texas,” but the abbreviation makes for some clever wordplay.

Additionally, relating the Lexus midsize SUV to something massive and American relays plenty of information about the nameplate. It’s exclusively American and also marketed to large American families. Furthermore, its size, like the Grand Highlander, is its main appeal in the eyes of many consumers.

We can go in circles about whether or not Lexus nailed it with the name of this new midsize three-row SUV, but what does it have to offer? More importantly, does this huge SUV have a huge price tag to match?

How much does a 2024 Lexus TX cost?

Lexus TX ConfigurationBase Price
350 FWD$53,700
350 AWD$55,300
350 Premium FWD$57,100
350 Premium AWD$61,400
350 Luxury FWD$59,600
350 Luxury AWD$61,200
500 H F Sport Performance Premium$68,000
500 H F Sport Performance Luxury$71,300
2024 Lexus TX pricing.

Keep in mind there’s also a $1,350 destination fee for the TX. The Lexus TX is roughly $10K more expensive than its Toyota counterpart, which is pretty standard for the brand.

Consider the cost of better interior materials, and many drivers can justify the price difference between the two models. That being said, is the 2024 Lexus TX actually worth the money, or is it overpriced?

Should you get the new Lexus midsize SUV?

The main idea behind the Lexus TX is that it’s a comfortable and spacious midsize-three row luxury SUV designed for large groups of passengers. Considering the quality and longevity of Lexus vehicles, the TX is fairly priced. Is it for the average consumer? Probably not.

Many drivers will be better off skipping out on the standard creature comforts of the TX and opting for the more affordable and more efficient Grand Highlander Hybrid XLE ($44,670). Even the more refined Grand Highlander Hybrid Limited has a lower starting price than the base model TX ($51,060).

Lexus could have a hit on its hands, but thus far, a reason for the average budget-conscious consumer to choose it over the Grand Highlander Hybrid remains to be seen. On the other hand, if you’re willing to shell out a little extra cheese for the opulence, the TX is a huge family SUV worth consideration.


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