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An interesting breakdown of what’s hot and what’s not with those ordering the 2022 C8 Corvette has some surprises. Among them is that the production of coupes and convertibles is almost split 50/50. We don’t know if Chevy expected this outcome or not, but we do know that the introduction of the convertible version was delayed a few months when the all-new mid-engine C8 Vette came out. 

What’s the breakdown of 2022 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT Corvette trims?

2022 Corvettes
2022 Corvettes | GM

And then there is the breakdown of trims. Overall, only eight percent ordered the base 1LT trim. Over half of all 2022 models ordered were the top-of-the-line 3LT trim, with 40 percent opting for the middle 2LT models. 

Broken down between coupes and convertibles, the Corvette marketing team says that 45 percent opted for the 2LT trim, with 33 percent going with the 3LT and 22 percent going with the 1LT trim. What is even more unusual, at least the way we see it, is the unpopularity of the stylish black-painted Nacelles on convertible models.

What’s the big deal with the black Nacelles?

2022 C8 Corvette
2022 C8 Corvette convertible with optional black Nacelles and top | GM

The Nacelles are the body-color ears that rise behind the cabin. Visually, they can confuse viewers as denoting the convertible Corvette is a coupe. Painted black, which is an option, they visually downplay the Nacelles. Your eyes pick up body-color up to the base of the Nacelles.

So your eyes read the body as being a convertible. Maybe convertible owners don’t care. Obviously, they don’t, as only nine percent of orders picked the painted Nacelles. The option includes a black-painted top. While two-tone paint schemes are a bit passé, when there’s a reason, it becomes more than cosmetic. Oh, well. Black-painted tops-only were a more popular option, as over a third of convertibles were ordered that way. 

All of this info was recently revealed at the yearly Corvette fest at the Corvette Museum. The Corvette marketing team, as reported by GM Authority, gives its presentation of how the numbers break down. It also gives auto scribes some direction as to what to expect for the 2023 production run. 

2023 Corvette production starts soon

2022 C8 Corvette
2022 C8 Corvette convertible | GM

In just a few days 2023 Corvette production begins at the factory in Bowling Green. Orders for the 2023 model opened one month ago. Part of the 2023 output will include the first Z06, and 70th Anniversary Edition Corvettes. 

So what does all of this mean with respect to Corvette buyers? Well, one thing is that they go big or don’t go at all. Corvette coupe prices for 2022 models start at $60,900, whereas convertibles are $68,400. A bargain any way you look at it. 

The 2LT trim bumps up the price to $68,200 for the coupe and $75,200 for the convertible. When you opt for the 3LT trim, the prices rise to $72,850 for coupes and almost $80,000 for convertibles. Then, of course, there is the 2023 Z06, which is over $90,000.