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Pickup trucks are a staple of the American automotive industry. The most popular new car in the country has been a pickup truck for decades. The Ford F-Series of trucks have remained the top-selling vehicle in America for the past 41 years, and it has been the best-selling truck for the past 46 years.

With an automotive segment that is this unbelievably popular, it makes you wonder; which pickup truck is the least popular. With so many trucks on the market in the compact, midsize, and full-size segments, there has to be one truck that is failing to sell well. Here is everything you need to know about the least popular pickup truck so far this year.

Nissan Titan sales continue to plummet

Data from GM Authority shows the Nissan Titan is the worst-selling truck in America with only 4,038 reported units sold during the first quarter of 2023.

These numbers may sound bleak, but what makes this even worse is the fact that this is worse than last year. In comparison, during the first quarter of 2022, Nissan was able to move around 6,415 Titans. With a 37.05% drop in Q1 numbers, the Titan is fading quickly into obscurity unless Nissan turns things around.

The only other truck that gave the Titan competition for the lowest sales numbers is the GMC Canyon, which has only sold around 5,016 units for the first quarter of 2023.

However, these numbers are somewhat flawed. The GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado, which are essentially the same trucks, just had a much-needed redesign from the ground up, and the available product is still trying to catch up to demand.

In contrast, the top-selling truck of the first quarter of 2023 is the Ford F-Series, which has sold 170,337 units so far this year. Unless something unprecedented happens, the Ford F-Series is steadily approaching another record-breaking year in sales.

Unfortunately, the death of the Nissan Titan has been a slow one. According to CNET, the Nissan Titan just never achieved success against the other American and Japanese full-size competition.

A source also told Automotive News that Nissan will most likely pull the plug on the Titan altogether by 2024 or 2025. The Nissan Titan simply failed to deliver over a long period, and Nissan truly tried to bring sales up with a redesign for 2020 incorporating a more powerful V8 engine.

Despite this new V8 engine, the domestic full-size pickups were selling nearly 10 times more units every month.

Nissan isn’t ready to back down just yet, with a Nissan spokesperson explaining to CNET that the midsize Frontier redesign has the Titan in mind. As the new Frontier brings in sales, Nissan hopes to see Frontier owners graduate into a larger Titan.

However, the writing is clearly on the wall, as numbers barely passed 15,000 Titans sold for 2022. The Nissan Titan simply fails to appeal to most people. Despite how things turn out for the Titan, the Nissan Frontier is an obvious winner, with fantastic redesigns inside and out.

The Titan may be in its last few years, but if you need a midsize truck, the Frontier is a fantastic choice that is bound to be a hit on the market for years to come.


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