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Who knew that the 2022 Ford Maverick would be so difficult to find? This little truck is becoming increasingly elusive. Due to high demand and limited inventory, Ford Maverick price incentives and lease deals are disappearing. 

Can you lease a 2022 Ford Maverick? 

2022 Ford Maverick parked in gravel
2022 Ford Maverick | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Technically, you can lease a 2022 Ford Maverick if you can find one. But according to Ford Authority, the Maverick lease payment isn’t listed on the Ford website. However, the tiny truck is still eligible to be leased with standard rates. The standard rates are equivalent to five or six percent APR. 

This is quite the price increase after Ford canceled all lease deals for the Maverick on February 1st. The cancellation occurred soon after Ford stopped taking orders for all 2022 models. Before that, in Los Angeles, you could lease a Maverick for $236 for 39 months. 

To achieve this rate, $2,662 was due at signing. Lease factors in that same area started at 0.05, 3.22, and 3.47 percent on 24, 36, and 39-month leases. 

Maverick deals are going away. 

You could be lucky enough to find a 2022 Ford Maverick model to finance, but the 0 percent deal has been removed. Also, rates increased by one percent, increasing to 4.9 percent for a 72-month loan. On top of that, the Maverick is no longer eligible for a $1,000 factory order discount. 

Prices for the 2023 Maverick are starting to increase. Select trims like the XLT and Lariat are increasing by $80 to $370. Also, the Luxury Packages and Moonroof are increasing by about $10 to $410. 

The Maverick is supposed to be affordable, which is why it has a $19,995 MSRP. Fully loaded Maverick models are coming in at about $36,000. Dealers have been adding markups too. The average Maverick transaction is $29,705. 

Ford Authority found that available options are selling for much higher than the MSRP. An all-wheel drive model was listed with an $8,000 markup. Also, a First Edition model was listed at $51,260, which is $14,600 over the MSRP. 

Is Ford cracking down on Maverick markups? 

2022 Ford Maverick rolling down the road
2022 Ford Maverick Lariat | Ford

Ford warned dealers and buyers to avoid Ford F-150 Lightning markups. Ford Vice President of Sales, Andrew Frick, shared that it has come to our attention that a limited number of dealerships are interacting with customers in a manner that negatively impacts customer satisfaction and damages the ford Motor Company brand and Dealer Body reputation. 

Lightning reservation holders reported that dealers asked them to pay extra fees to maintain their reservation or to be one of the first people to place their order. They also charged dealer markups once a customer placed their final order. 

Frick shared that these actions are perceived as threatening customers by withholding their opportunity to convert reservations to orders. But what about the 2022 Ford Maverick? It seems to be just as challenging to acquire. 

Ford hasn’t commented on insane Maverick markups, but the ordering books are closed. Finding a model at a dealership may be your best chance to get one until reservations for the 2023 Maverick open in the summer.


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