Lease a Used $3.3 Million Bugatti Chiron Sport for $66,000 a Month

The Bugatti Chiron Sport is a hypercar that few people will ever see, and fewer will own. However, that doesn’t stop us from doing a bit of daydreaming and checking out the monthly cost of leasing a used Chiron Sport. Brooks Weisblat from DragTimes recently took a trip to Bugatti Broward to get a quote on a used example with just over 1,200 miles on the clock.

According to Motor1, the lease deal runs for either 24 or 36 months. The kicker here is that it requires Brooks to trade in his brand new Ferrari F8 Tributo. Worst still, he can only drive the Chiron Sport 2,500 miles per year.

What is a Bugatti Chiron Sport?

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s take a look at the car in question. The Bugatti Chiron sport made its debut back in 2018 as a lightened version of the standard Chiron. The Sport sheds 40 pounds thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber.

A photo of the Bugatti Chiron Sport in a showroom.
Bugatti Chiron Sport | Bugatti

The quad-turbo W16 generates just shy of 1,500 hp, about the same as the standard Chiron. Other notable improvements include a stiffened up suspension, torque vectoring, and new aerodynamic elements.

According to Bugatti, the race to 62 mph happens in just 2.4 seconds. The Chiron then races to a top speed of 261 mph. The special edition costs around $400,000 more than a standard Chiron, bringing the total price to around $3.5 million, as stated in DragTimes’ video.

If a new one is $3.5 million, how much is a used one?

The used Bugatti Chiron Sport showcased in the video is about one year old and has driven just over 1,200 miles. While Bugatti Broward won’t say on their website, the salesman in the YouTube video mentions the dealer is asking $3.3 million for the car. This means the original owner lost about $200,000 in depreciation alone in the first year.

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Brooks received a quote for a 24-month deal and a 36-month deal. The first comes with a monthly payment of $65,950 and has a yearly mileage limit of 2,500 miles. As Motor1 reports, this means you would only be able to drive the car about 208 miles per month at the cost of about $317 per mile.

A photo of the Bugatti Chiron Sport in a showroom.
Bugatti Chiron Sport | Bugatti

For the budget-conscious millionaire, there is a cheaper option. The 36-month lease carries a $52,196 payment but retains the same yearly mileage allowance. Let’s not forget, both of these deals include Brooks’ Ferrari F8 Tributo as a downpayment, which is worth around $350,000.

Add up all of the payments, and the used Bugatti Chiron Sport will cost Brooks about $1.9 million to own after two years.

If it’s so expensive to lease, why not just buy it?

There is no way a Bugatti Chiron Sport will ever be cheap. The difference we’re talking about here is between expensive and more expensive. So let’s calculate a hypothetical financing deal for the same Chiron Sport with basic figures.

A photo of the Bugatti Chiron Sport in a showroom.
Bugatti Chiron Sport | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

According to Car and Driver, the average length of a used car loan is about 65 months, with an average interest rate of about 4.21 percent. In this scenario, the $3.3 million Chiron Sport would cost around $57,000 per month up to a total cost of almost $3.7 million. Keep in mind; this does not factor in taxes and other associated fees that could easily inflate that number.

Like all leases, the added benefit here is that the new potential owner would not have to deal with maintenance or worry about depreciation. If the $200,000 yearly loss continues, the car could quickly dip under the $3 million mark, making it more cost-effective to lease it.