Lagging Nissan Titan Sales Are Taking Another Brutal Hit to Start 2020

Nissan Titan models are often categorized as pleasant and light-duty. The vehicle is also known for the spacious cabin. Many consumers were surprised to learn that the Nissan Titan can more than 9,000 pounds. Technology has never been easier to implement with the model’s 9-inch touchscreen.

When tested on the road, the Titan received an overall score of 70. Features like forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking all help contribute to the driver’s peace of mind when handling the Nissan Titan. The suggested manufactured retailed price is valued between $36,190 and $58,690. The truck’s features, highlights, and ratings have all added to its noteworthy reputation. With such a great reputation, one would assume the model’s sales are just as great. Find out what is going on with the Nissan Titan’s sales and how the model compares to its competitors.

What’s the history of Nissan Titan’s sales? 

On some level, professionals are able to gauge the success of a vehicle based upon the vehicle’s sales. Sales for the Titan started off a strong note. In 2005 a total of 86,945 Nissan Titan models were sold. In 2006, around 72,000 units were sold. With each passing year, sales continued to steadily decrease. In 2010, it seemed like the sales were starting to make a comeback only to return to their previous declining pattern.

The numbers and data continued to get more and more worrisome. In 2015, sales figures reached an all-new low, and Nissan only managed to sell 12,140 models. Oddly enough, in the following two years, the sales reflected an unexpected increase. Looking at the past sales figures, it’s obvious that the numbers are slightly sporadic, but unfortunately, mostly disappointing.

How are sales looking currently? 

If one thing is for sure, it’s that the Nissan Titan’s sales have experienced its fair share of ups, but, unfortunately, many more downs. 2017 marked a new high for sold units. After a steady decrease in sales, the numbers seemed like they might just turn around. However, in 2019, it became clear that was not the case.

Nissan reported selling around 31,514 models for the year. Unfortunately, things don’t seem like they will be turning around anytime soon. The start to 2020 has shown consumers and professionals that Nissan Titan’s sales once again are extremely lagging. It’s been reported that only 5,732 Nissan Titans have sold in the first quarter.

How do the Nissan Titan’s sales compare to other competitors on the market? 


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Many consumers are now wondering how Nissan Titan‘s sales compare to its competitors. Historically speaking, the Titan’s sales figures were never quite as high as the other full-size trucks on the market. When looking at the Ram 1500, it’s obvious that sales currently surpass the Nissan Titan.

So far in 2020, the Ram has sold over 41,000 models, according to GoodCarBadCar. When looking at the numbers, it becomes clear that Ram sales began to steadily increase and surpass the sales of the Titan beginning around 2014. Talk about impressive.

It is evident that the Nissan Titan sales for 2020 are once again off to a rough start. Nissan can only hope that sales figures at least reach the heights that they were at early on in the vehicle’s life cycle. Time will tell, but the start of 2020 isn’t too promising.