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Americans love trucks and get to see a lot of exciting options arrive soon. For example, the Kia truck is actually happening, Stallntis is working on a new mid-size Ram truck, and compact trucks are heating up. But today, the spotlight is on the Kia pickup truck because it was recently spotted. 

The Kia truck is mid-size and actually happening 

We didn’t need proof that the Kia truck was really being built. Multiple teasers, patent filings, and statements from the company have shared clues about two new models being released soon. 

One option is a smaller electric ute that probably won’t come to America. The other option is a larger, rugged, and capable off-roader that America should be pretty excited about. 

The model that is coming to America may have been recently spotted in a parking garage in South Korea. Despite being covered in camouflage, we can tell that it has a boxy style like the Kia Telluride. 

This tracks as rumors about the Kia Telluride truck have been circulating for years. Also, the truck looks wide and long, instead of being a compact ute. 

Also, under the camouflage you can see vertical headlights, like the Kia Telluride has. However, the Kia truck could be based on the more off-roading-oriented Kai instead. 

While the Telluride rides on a unibody platform, clues about the new Kia truck suggest that it will have a ladder frame platform, like the Mohave. That’s good news for those who are looking to adventure as unibody frames limit suspension travel. 

Based on previous clues the Kia Tasman is allegedly the name of the new ute and could be a single-cab option, while America will get something larger. 

Also, the Tasman is expected to arrive first, by the end of 2024. The larger truck will arrive next, by the end of the decade. 

But if the new model is already being tested, then it could be production-ready faster than expected. It could debut shortly after the next-generation Telluride comes out in 2025. 

The truck could share the Telluride’s 3.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 291 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque unless the next generation gains more power. 

The Telluride Hybrid might be in the works, so don’t be surprised if the truck is also a hybrid. Plus, it could be fully electric. 

Stay tuned for updates because two Kia trucks are happening and progress is clearly being made.