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It’s time to finally get excited for the Kia pickup truck. Kia has been teasing us for years about the potential new truck, and the Kia Tasman is about to bring it to life. However, the Kia Tasman isn’t for everyone. 

What is the Kia Tasman? 

The 2024 Kai EV9 driving on the road
2024 Kia EV9 | Kia

The Kia Tasman is a brand-new Kia pickup truck that could arrive any day now. It’s a dual-cab ute, and the first teaser could be just around the corner. Information is currently limited, but it’s expected to have the same design language as the EV5 and EV4 concept.

Karim Habib, Head of Kia Global Design, shared that Kia designs products for people to use to improve their lives within the framework of the brand. So, design has to have those attributes, which automatically creates a family look. 

The Kia ute will be fighting the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, so it’s safe to expect a few rugged attributes that don’t comprise comfort and style. The Tasman is expected to make its debut in 2024 as a 2025 model. 

We’re banking on the Tasman named based on recent trademark filings. Also, it’s due to be put through final testing and suspension tuning to ensure it’s up for the challenge of conquering tough conditions. 

Will the Tasman be available in America? 

It doesn’t look like the Kia Tasman is intended for America, but things could change. The focus is for Australian and South American markets where the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger currently dominate. 

This makes sense as the Tasman is expected to be equipped with a diesel engine. There are currently no Kia models with a diesel engine in the United States. 

Plus, the global version of the Ranger and other trucks have diesel engines that don’t comply with American emission standards. 

An electric version is expected to arrive shortly after the diesel model. However, it’s unclear if it will use the same platform or share attributes with a different Hyundai platform. 

A different Kia truck is expected to arrive in America. It will be larger than the ute and will be totally electric. It will use the popular E-GMP platform that’s shared with Hyundai. It will also be a midsize truck that’s larger than the ute

Stay tuned for Kia truck updates because two exciting models are in the pipeline, and they’re almost ready to hit the streets.